The Most Beautiful in the world : Formula1
The Most Beautiful in the world : Ballet Dance
The Most Beautiful in the world : Bridges
The Most Beautiful in the world : Mountains
The Most Beautiful in the world : Sculpture
The Most Beautiful in the world : Dives




“[…]Ayrton Senna
according to the Formula 1 drivers… and followers, he was the best driver that has ever lived.

Poetry on Formula 1 Circuit[…]” Read More



Rudolf NureyevBALLET

“[…] How to awaken your genius? How to become the best you can possibly be?
These are very tough questions… but genius is our birthright.

Passion… the ultimate goal of life, one central element, when reached, transforms every day into a miracle. Where jobs, or mundane actions, boredom do not exist. All of us have something unique inside, called genius, that can be mastered into an unprecedented level of beauty, innovation and simplicity[…]Read More


Millau ViaductBRIDGES

“[…] The Millau Viaduct

a bridge that spans the valley of the river Tarn near Millau in southern France. Designed by the British architect Norman Foster and French structural engineer Michel Virlogeux.[…]” Read More




“[…]The first of them, not the highest one, is also called the Murderous Mountain. Its north face is 6000 feet height. In German Mordwand ( murderous mountain) looks nearly exactly the same as a word Nordwand ( “north face” or “north wall”). It is a game of words that comes close to the […]” Read More



watch a video that shows one of the most accomplished and talented Divers in the history… Greg Louganis

He reveals what led him to the unbelievable level of skill and beauty he possessed. Read More



Discobolus MyronSCULPTURE

[…] The Discobolus (The Discobolos, Discus-Thrower) is a Greek sculpture that was created around 460 BC by Myron of Eleutherai. The original Greek bronze is lost unfortunately. We know it thanks to many Roman copies. It is said that the sculpture was the solution of the Zeno Paradox […] Read More