It has always fascinated me how we learn from the experience of others instead of making our own mistakes, as they bring pain, and cost so much time. All the mistakes have been committed, and effective solutions exist, unless the person is addicted to their own mistakes and pain, which according to the scientists, is more addictive than heroin. I think there is a solution. It is about trust. We need to trust other people, be able to concentrate and use our own imagination to stimulate emotional images in our minds.

Love helps us learn successfully…


how to learn

how to learn


  • alex says:

    Nice article i loved reading it as it was short and the text was to the point.

  • Martyna says:

    Thank you for your comment Alex 🙂
    Have a great day

    ps. it is not the easiest thing to learn from others,
    as it requires trust, but when you have curiosity in
    your heart and trust in yourself (that you will cope
    with the situations arriving), the miracles can happen.
    Learning from others opens us for the unknown worlds

    We wish you that Alex!

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