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Big Business Ideas: Build a Legend

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Trust… when you build a company and want to help people, or the ecosystem, build trust. Be the word you speak. Take massive action toward your dreams and show others what is possible.

and create a business that will be recession-proof
If you build a company and want it to be a lasting, influential one, it is fundamental to create this bond, not just a good image that comes from (for example) investing in charitable actions. If your goal is to help the world, leave it as a better place, when it is time to go… make people trust you. This way they will really benefit from what you have to offer. They will not only buy your products, but really do what you say, take action, breakthrough their own fake limitations, and follow your guidelines. Try to help someone through a discussion… it is quite difficult. But… establish a friendship, and guide through example rather than through force or advertising tricks. In this immensely overcrowded world we live in… trust saves time.

Look on the history of, Virgin, Apple or Tony Robbins companies. Four firms that deal with the shoes, planes, trains, technology or personal mastery. There are numerous other companies that offer similar products, but the quality of customer relations that has been built by them… cannot be matched. We trust Richard Branson, Tony Hsieh, Steve Jobs or Tony Robbins, and learn from the immensely.

we know that

When there is trust, there is no fear. Your clients will not only buy from you, but listen to what you say and follow your ideas. You will be able to help them if it is your intention ,and influence them to take action, so they will shape their own dreams.

Trust builds bridges between people.
…from a product to changing people’s lives for the better…
Build a Legend


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