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Future Business Ideas: the gap widens…

By February 9, 2012 3 Comments

Your way in life is different than anybody else’s. Your future unique… and challenging. But there is something common to all of us: possibilities and opportunities. Now, even bigger than ever…

The influential people say that the future will see more millionaires and really big fortunes than ever in the history of mankind.

What is different now that has not been present in the past? And how you can take advantage of it? Future Business Ideas are born in the present moment, and clearly visible to some of us.

Humans are very much alike the natural world that has created us. Nature exists because of the constant need to create better solutions to the problems, like how to adapt to cold or rain, transform carbon dioxide and sun energy into substances needed for existence (called photosynthesis), conserve energy, reproduce-sustain life. This leads to solving problems, as they arise naturally every day. Fight for food, domination, reproduction, leads to the development of more precise and simple systems, better adapted organisms.

the simple beauty of the banana leaf

Our genius brain comes as a solution to the problem of our weaker bodies, than the apes, or most of the mammals have.

Species naturally seek better solutions to the problems that arise. This sustains life. This also explains our inborn desire for development. Yes, of course, this issue is far more complex than that..

as there is greed in it, or emotional challenges and other stuff, that push people to produce, develop, demolish and build… but that part of complexity is not the topic of our article.

So, what is so different now than in the past, if people have always wanted to develop and improve? What is so significant, that will change the world?

It is hidden behind one word: technology.

It allows you to reach further with your message. According to Wikipedia: “It is estimated that in 1993 the Internet carried only 1% of the information flowing through two-way telecommunication. By 2000 this figure had grown to 51%, and by 2007 more than 97% of all telecommunicated information was carried over the Internet.” It happened within the last 20 years.”

Ofcom says: “one in three adults used a smartphone to access the web.”

This is also called… an explosive growth. And it happens fast. It comes like a massive avalanche, that leaves your competition stunned, and slaughters the dreams of the people who do not know that simple actions and tools caused the change. They will see magic behind your success, and look for magic secrets, keys to success, quick fix methods. And slow their learning, value delivery and financial rewards massively.

you can nearly hear the drop that falls on the other side of the world, feel its ripples

When you know how to use a far reaching tool, like the internet, you can deliver your message to not 100 times more customers, but thousands. This will leave those who don’t know the World Wide Web, shocked and amused. It will widen the gap between the groups of people, the action takers, and the passer byes who will never even try to bite that chocolate cake called the power of the internet. Nowadays, it is not only what you do, but how you do it and what tools you use to reach others.

The internet can make or break you. The future will depend on how well you can use it to your advantage.

Andy Grand, an expert internet marketer, associated with SuperFastResults forum (the forum does not exist any more, have a look at Fast Web Formula) and internet marketing learning platform, observed that the vast number of people who want to learn and use the internet, want the quick fix courses and magic solutions. They will use a program and drop it, when it does not work immediately, and go on for another course that seems to clear away the fog. While the solution is in having a goal, steady progress, and learning from the true experts.

Future Business Ideas will be connected to the global possibilities the internet gives them. And then dominate the markets. Learn how to use the power of the internet now and take your message further.

good luck

Martyna Bizdra

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  • Steven@Business Ideas says:

    Definitely Technology brings out the best of today.. Business Ideas or any Ideas are very limited before because of the lack of communication. Unlike nowadays, we have the latest technology that is running our world. It is more easier and less hassle to communicate with each other and share more ideas. I really love the thought of this article. It is very much useful and helpful. Thanks for posting this. Keep it up!

  • yes, communication is so much easier…
    and it shows something else as well; we can really see determination, imagination and persistence, and what leads to success… nearly all of us have the same access to information but only few achieve

    thank you for your lovely comment Steven

  • Steven@Business Ideas says:

    You are most Welcome Martyna, It is my pleasure reading your articles.

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