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How to Create an Online Business in a Recession. The James Schramko story: Learn how a 37-year old quit his job to make millions online

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Imagine working from a place like this… without a boss or time limitations, doing what you like so much that you would pay to do it. This view isn’t a photoshop creation or a 3d rendering, but real space, located near the beach in the heart of Sydney. Owned by a man, who created his multimillion dollar business in less than 6 years.

Sydney, May, 2012

He calls it: “the focus station”…

His Focus Station

The house is full of children and animals. From here, he leads his multimillion dollar global company, by working a few hours a day. Its revenue doubles each year. He’s only 40.

Sydney, Australia, over twenty years earlier, the nineties of the 20th century

In his late teens. First Job. You find him at the timber-yard. It is dangerous and difficult. He earns $2.75 an hour. It doesn’t even cover the cost of the petrol for the car.

He is 20.  Financial disaster strikes his family. He needs to move out of the place they used to live in. Craves a better job, and gets work as a debt collector repossessing cars. This is something not many people want to get their hands dirty with …as you deal with the most dangerous areas of Sydney. It is a school of survival.

Four years later,  things are very different. He is selling cars for a local BMW dealer. It is a small dealership, however he thinks Big. Within the first 12 months, he becomes the number one BMW sales person in Australia. He studies selling and sales techniques with such intensity and devotion as if his life depended on it. Among the books that lead to victory are: “The Psychology of Selling” by Brian Tracy, “Influence” written by Robert Cialdini and Jay Abraham’s material.

Mercedes Benz

Aged 26. Works for Mercedes Benz. Within one year, continuous education in selling and business management pays off handsomely: he is the number one Mercedes Benz sales person in Australia. Repeats it two years later, as a manager of the year. How?

Lock in the winning attitude. “If I do it once, twice… I can do it again.”

Year 2000. The multimillion dollar strategy.

Believe me, this is going to be interesting. Picture a multimillionaire, manic and out of control. A man who leads a hundred million dollar a year car dealership like a medieval tyrant, feared by his employees. Who takes things to the edge, requiring perfection. Now, imagine a spacious room. It’s about three in the afternoon, and it is dark inside when the young man enters. The boss sits in the corner, behind a desk. His shiny shoes are on the table. There is no movement, but still, his energy electrifies the entire room. He says : “I know, you came here to find the Wholly Grail…

but… there is none “*.

After a brief moment of silence, he carries on, saying:


  • People: Most of them want somebody else to take responsibility. They want to be told what is good and what to do.
  • In business strive to create a life-time customer,
  • Goal Setting: Imagine that you are at the train station, deciding on your destination, the station you are going to. Once you know where you are going, everything gets much easier. You can get rid of the distractions, know the distance to your goal, measure how fast you are going.
  • Strategy: Leading a big company with responsibilities, stress, excitement, constant innovation is like driving a Formula 1 car at 300 km/h. It is not tiring, there is not much to do, it is about making minor adjustments with the steering wheel. It is easier, once you know how to do it and manage yourself
  • No compromise. Do not surrender your values, know the outcome
  • Arrogance and ignorance will cause you to sink, like the Titanic” *

This is a true story. The same man who risked his life as a debt collector some 10 years earlier, is now leaving the room with a notebook full of information that is going to change everything.

He’s 30 now, and becomes the general manager for the dealership lead by the man from the dark room. The responsibilities and level of stress are out of proportion. Passion wins again: he is the number one manager.

By the time he’s 34,

the world is no longer the same. Too fast and furious currents change its surface forever. The global economy is shaking, causing tens of thousands of people lose their jobs, countries go bankrupt… at the same time the internet is starting to rule. It is still very young, yet spreading out like fire, opening up the sky high possibilities for the business owners to reach more people, to make more money, when they know how to do it…But that’s on the outside…

He is still deep within the inner world of Mercedes Benz. Another dealership, and responsibilities that include looking after bigger teams and the company’s website. He dives into Internet Marketing. This opens up the ocean of possibilities. He scales up the Mercedes Benz sales. Money doubles, triples, quadruples… making somebody else rich.

37 years old. He quits his job.

40 years old. Owns over 13 global brands, is a multimillionaire. His name : James Schramko, is globally synonymous with an authority on business growth strategies and internet marketing.

What happened within those three years?

The common answer would be: luck. However… in his previous career, he lead the giants like Mercedes Benz, BMW to success. Now

at 37, he goes underground and starts rebuilding the hundred million dollar company, through

  1. Mastery in affiliate marketing and search engine optimization
  2. followed by the formation of paid communities 1500 members strong
  3. creation of workshops, masterminds, that help successful students enjoy 6 figure incomes
  4. products that solve real problems website owners have
  5. brands that are interconnected: FastWebFormula, SEO Partner, Traffic Grab, Silver Circle, Wealthification, AltWeb…

But those are only the results… of something much bigger, that makes the difference between a profitable company and a fluke.

Business Strategy. The root system for over a hundred years of success of companies like Mercedes Benz, BMW; their secret weapon.

He says:

  • Build a pleasurable area where you work, and (if you work on the internet) treat internet marketing as a business, rather than hobby.
  • It is time to tap into the internet, people are beginning to recognize the possibilities the internet gives.
  • Choose one business model (like for example, when you work on the internet, you may master affiliate marketing, then go to building communities, workshops, products).
  • It is crucial to work on your “why”, know what is the purpose of your actions.
  • Clear all the space you have around you. Get rid of the junk in your life, give away or sell what you do not need.
  • Ask better questions. Know what you want to achieve and how determined are you to work to get what you want.
  • Know the lifestyle you desire
  • if you have a vision, a strong desire, want to change the world through your actions, businesses, products… look for the best people within all industries, like musicians, business minds, scientists, teachers, composers, painters, etc…
  • Consume good information from quality sources, go out and meet people in your industry. Learn from the best. (He goes out and meets people like the copywriter John Carlton, known as ”the most respected & ripped-off marketing guru alive”, Robert Cialdini, the psychologist and author of “Influence: the psychology of persuasion, influence”, Jay Abraham, who is among the top three business coaches in America, Ed Dale, Timothy Ferriss, author of “the 4 hour work week”)*
  • here are more powerful business lessons:

 James Schramko has created a business course you might find interesting. I bought it and learned a lot. It costs something like $37, there is no affiliate commission on my side, when you click on the link, it will take you to the website.

called Wealthification, based on the author’s experience in business.

Good Luck.

The photos in this article (with an exception of the Mercedes Benz) are used courtesy of James Schramko, and are copyrighted.

The Mercedes Benz photo has been used thanks to Ugg Boy/Ugg Girl
*please note: the dialogue in this article retains the meaning and sentiment intended by the speakers but is not direct quotation.


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