Ok…you may be wondering… What does the photo really mean?

Is it a lonely man on a desert, when the sun is high, or perhaps a hole in a wall, or maybe a pupil of a very obese man?


What’s your guess? Perhaps you have got your own answer. So what is it?

I actually drew the point for you, so your mind can wander and have some fun…

The answer is simple and connected to you.

It leads to an exercise that can help you do what you want to do in your life…

When you look at those of us who achieve nearly “impossible” goals, you may start wondering…what makes the difference between the “average” person and the exceptionally successful one?

People like Henry Ford, Albert Einstein, Thomas Watson(the founder of IBM ), Rockefeller, Picasso, the icons of our modern world, had the ability to do it exceptionally well..

What was it?

When you analyze their lives, you see that the ability to complete the tasks they were working on, was extraordinary. They planned their actions well, used their time to do much more than normally people can.

There are no magic formulas that transform a human being into a genius. What makes the whole difference are small things, like the one connected to the photo that you see above.

They had the ability to concentrate like a snake hypnotizing its prey.

When Albert Einstein was solving the problems of modern physics, noone and nothing was able to distract him. He was so engrossed in thinking and imagining the possibilities, following the logical conclusions…that even breaking the tables, crushing them into pieces,  wasn’t able to take his attention away from what he was thinking of.

Can you pause for a minute and imagine what you could do in your life if you had such ability to concentrate? How much faster would you accomplish your goals, finish your work, whether you are a writer, painter, designer, computer programmer, copywriter, marketer… How much more creative, intuitive could you be? Cut off all the unimportant distractions, and just do the thing you want and need. Genius is often a result of the ability to concentrate. Especially now, when our world is so full of distractions.

Isaac Newton – one of the greatest scientists in the history of mankind.

People laughed at him sometimes, not fully understanding the real meaning of his behavior. Once he was invited to visit a friend. He came over, sat on a sofa in a leaving room, and waited for the man to show up. But the man forgot about Mr Newton, and left the room to finish his own duties. Meanwhile, the great physicist started thinking about one of the problems of physics he was working on at that time.

In the morning, the host came back to the room… just to realize the mistake he made. Isaac Newton was still sitting there in the same position,  and in the same place …and thinking, absolutely passionate about the problem he was solving.

When you concentrate with such power, you can overcome the obstacles stopping you from connecting the future you want to be yours, with the situation you are currently experiencing.  It is easy to imagine what you want… but sometimes the achievement of it  seems to be so far away. You need a bridge to walk over the trouble. Use your brain to create it. Our subconscious minds can do “wonders”.

This brings the whole story closer to the exercise the photo introduced. Shows you the way to risen your own level of satisfaction and perhaps… to become unstoppable.


How to be the master of your own ability to concentrate, and read, solve the problems faster?

The exercise is simple and you need to spend 2 minutes on it.

Take a white piece of paper, for example 0.5 meter x 0.5 meter. Next, draw a small circle in the middle of the page. Put the paper on a wall so you can see it, or on the floor. Now… look ,without blinking, on the point in the middle of the page, for about 2 minutes. Try to sit still and do not move your eyes away from the circle.

Repeat the exercise every day, slightly extending the amount of time you spend on looking at the point. When you  can concentrate for longer than 20 – 25 minutes, you will be amazed by the results you experience. You can learn how to control your own mind.

Concentration is one of those powerful influencing factors that allowed the successful people achieve their dreams. Why…? When you concentrate, you cut off all the unimportant clutter, and just dive deep into the most important things that you are doing at the moment. Your personal power – strength- intelligence- intuition- genius is simply multiplied.

The small things are often behind the great changes

Try it.

Good Luck.

All the best,

Martyna Bizdra

ps. Share your comments below.

…dreaming and wishing only, won’t bring you the results you want…but doing will…

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  • Kim says:

    Martyna, Very inspiring post. Thanks!

    If anything is easy, everyone is easily going to get it and there’d be nothing like success or failure. Harder things may require passion, efforts and anything that you never expected and that’s how you only get success. That make you different than others.

    The rule apply to everyone. Scientists, business person or ANYONE who wants success.

  • Kim – nice to meet you and welcome to my blog!
    I am glad that you found it inspiring:)) thank you

    Interesting point of view “If anything is easy, everyone is easily going to get it and there’d be nothing like success or failure.”
    …but perhaps it is the opposite! People search for magic formulas…that will solve their troubles, seek money to make themselves happy… but when you look closer at yourself- the moments of the greatest joy and fulfillment came after applying small changes- like improving concentration, thinking about your purpose, defining your likes, being consequent…

    Easy things become difficult…

    best wishes

  • Alex Tretyakov says:

    Completely agree, concentration is one of most important things when you are entrepreneur specially. But its very hard when family, pets around you..

  • Nick says:

    very inspirational I think. concentration and focus are perhaps the most important elements to the successful individual. I dont believe in magic formulas but seemingly small things such as concentration can really make a significant difference.

  • Hey Alex, welcome 🙂 and thank you for your comment

    I agree with you – it is so essential to the entrepreneurs. Can you imagine life without the ability to concentrate? Just following the news, not completing any tasks…?where would the person be in three years time with such way of being? It would be total mess…stress, probably depression.
    better take care of your stomach:)

    yes, it might be difficult to have everything, great family, cute dogs, cats, horses, and a business that is becoming bigger and bigger…But there are ways:)
    Wishing you that

    have a great evening, and hope to see you again

    best, Martyna

  • Hey Nick!
    Nice to meet you
    Give the technique a try, on a consistent basis, every day, in the morning. And see the results after two weeks!
    I am working on my own ability to concentrate too!
    sometimes…concentration can do wonders

    thank you for your comment,
    best wishes

  • Prakash says:

    Newton’s first name is spelled wrong.

  • hey Prakash🙂

    that was true! Thank you for your perceptivity:)

    have a great day

  • Keith Davis says:

    Martyna – looks as though you are off and running for 2011.
    Well done.

    Love the quote…

    “They had the ability to concentrate like a snake hypnotizing its prey”
    Super graphic description.

    Hard work and concentration will get you a long way.

    Who was it who said …
    “Genius is1% inspiration and 99% perspiration?”

    A great start up post for 2011.

  • Cialis says:

    Great article and helpful tips. It’s nice to see that people still take the time to teach others by offering free advice and information. That’s what keeps `em coming back!

  • Keith
    welcome back:) and thank you for your kind words

    the 2-minute concentration strategy is worth giving a try, everything that helps manage the time better
    “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration” { you &T.Edison} it is all about the one!
    yes, 2011 is going to be full of changes, some of them scary 🙂

    *public speaking on Wednesday

    trying to guess your next topic

  • hey Cialis

    …just 2 minutes every morning:) your future is worth it.

    thank you for your comment, have a nice day

  • Keith Davis says:

    Your comments are growing so I’m going to set you a challenge….
    I want to see one of your posts with 50 comments (can include your replies).

    You’ve taken up Public Speaking? – fantastic.
    Let me know how it goes and if you want any info please contact me via my Contact page.

    And… you won’t guess my next topic but if you like chocolate and Johnny Deppe, you will absolutely love it.

  • oki :)*
    looking forward to the surprise


  • DV says:

    Very good article…. I just started an activity for the team mates at my work place. Just threw this image on the post….
    Thanks for the article….

  • hey DV, nice to meet you

    I am happy that I could help, and this technique works really well, requires only consistency,
    good luck with it!

    thank you for coming over

  • Very nice article on concentration…..
    Really impressive and I am surely going to try exercise which you have written. Let me see how much it works….

    Keep writing 🙂

  • hey Riley

    nice meeting you…and it is a great simple technique indeed.

    one step at a time…:) a big step for the humanity 😛 just joking

    enjoy your day…and see you again

  • hey Martyna
    Thanks for your welcome…..

    I am a student and exams are on my head. So I hope this will help me out

  • Riley , my pleasure

    you know, I will write an article about another truly successful and old technique for creating laser-like concentration, that has many consequences on the whole life. The technique was most probably created in ancient Japan, and used by the Samurai.

    Now, many martial arts masters know and practice it. simple, profound

    good luck on your exams, what do you study?

  • I am pursuing M.Tech in IT

  • Good Luck on your exams!

  • Anna says:

    Thanks a lot for such an interesting and inspiring post. Concentrating is a form of meditation as your mind focuses on one aspect only and is clear of all the other unimportant things that wander in our minds.

  • hey Anna

    so true, and concentrating helps you brainstorm!

    all the best

  • Matthew@Chicago Shredding Service says:

    cool exercise, 2 minutes of my day well spent. thanks for the article.

  • hey Matthew

    good luck:)

  • Joel@HGH says:

    Martyna, Interesting reading. Thoughful article i must say.

  • great to hear that I could help

  • What a challenging post. People who have made it in life usually have very good strategies which they follow. Planning for something you want to do is very important. This is because after planning you begin to concentrate on what it is you want to achieve. The concentration we give to any job will determine how good it will be or the final outcome of the job.

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  • To be a successful Entrepreneur you have to take measured risks, where others would not. This includes risking the security of a regularly paid job. And as you said total dedication, concentration and commitment. Which is what the paper with the circle is about. Commitment and concentration.

  • Richard, you said it beautifully : “take measured risks, where others would not.”
    other people accept status quo, and find it out of their reach to break their habits and achieve more.
    they wouldn’t cross the river to try the juicy fruits on the other side.

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