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What is the key to succeed in business? Why is it that some people seem to make money almost effortlessly while others struggle without seeing results? Often people who can’t seem to get ahead in life resign themselves to thinking that that is simply their lot in life, or that they’re just unlucky, or they could succeed if only they had the right connections. But the answer is actually quite simple: mindset. Change your thoughts, change your life.

Defining What You Want

Clarity is key when deciding what you want to achieve. How can you travel to your destination in unfamiliar territory if you don’t have a map? Clearly define what you want to achieve and then write it down in as much detail as you can. Make it real in your mind.

Taking Action

Coming up with a new idea or plan is the easy part. What can be difficult is the next step – taking action. Most people will run their new idea past all their fears instead of their faith, and the mind will come up with a yard-long list of all the reasons why this idea will fail. Other people get stuck on the “how” part of the equation: they had the idea, they’re ready to take action, but they’re not sure how to go about doing it. Just get started. You don’t even have to have the entire “how” part figured out.


Those who achieve their goals are perseverant. They never give up. Most people give up too soon. Perseverance is a little like being stubborn, and you have to be stubborn in the face of all the obstacles you are likely to encounter, from well-meaning family members who tell you to give up, to rejections from people or businesses you target, to your own fears.

Overcoming Obstacles

The most difficult obstacle in the way of achieving your goals is mindset. The people who succeed in business have one thing in common: they have the utmost confidence in themselves and their abilities and have trained their mind to fully believe they can achieve success. When you have high self-esteem you are able to dream big, take action and appropriate risks, and follow through. Learn to see barriers and failures as learning tools. The best way to condition a new, positive mindset is to fashion your thinking and your actions after other successful people.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could actually be mentored by someone who has succeeded in business, someone who is wealthy and someone who is actually interested in sharing his knowledge and successes with other people?

Billionaire entrepreneur Bill Bartmann is such a person. He offers advice and a mentoring program in which he shares his philosophy for succeeding in business. Though he is wealthy today, he was homeless and a high school dropout at age 14, put himself through law school and declared bankruptcy twice.

But having gone through both success and failure numerous times, he is in an ideal position to offer valuable advice and lessons. The one thing that prevented him from giving up when so many others would was his firm belief in his own abilities. The key to his success was absolute confidence and high self-esteem. That’s simple. It’s not the circumstances that make someone rich or successful, it’s his mindset.

If you are ready to implement a permanent change in your mindset and therefore your success, then you are one step away from achieving your dream. Find a way to  recession-proof your business, write a business plan, set and achieve any goal and become a millionaire.


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