One thought is just like one drop…goes unnoticed when not accompanied by another one. That is also why we like some blogs, books, people…because of their consistency, ability to constantly deliver good value.

This time I want to share with you a list of blogs that I have been visiting recently, and see as valuable. Those blogs are usually very characteristic in their niches. The reader may have a feeling of purposeful action of their authors, they know what they want, have experience in what they write about, and have the courage to say it simply and honestly. They respect your time- the articles are targeted on giving you the most valuable information or lessons, while…they remain entertaining and shake your inner belief system at times…

Nowadays, in the era of Internet new blogs are built every single day. In 2009 there were 47.000.000 new websites created. It is the ocean of information. Quite often, (and I am sure that it is not just my observation) the writers repeat the ideas, facts, points of view from other blogs, not bringing too much value, and just stealing your time and attention.

The impression of the Internet becoming an ocean…is quite accurate. It is hard to reach the shore when you don’t know where you are going, or if you loose a rudder. You will just drown in the overflowing amount of useless information.

I have grouped the blogs that have attracted my interest, into a few sections: personal development, leadership, internet marketing, ecology and mountaineering. You will find here just a few blogs, but I can assure you that… they are worth spending time on reading, or listening. They remain interesting even when you don’t agree with their author’s point of view. And that is something…

Personal Development / Leadership

The Personal Excellence Blog – Celestine Chua                                

The Fortune Institute – Siimon Reynolds               

Virgin- Richard’s Blog – Richard Branson                                       

Internet Marketing / Marketing / Copywriting

Kikolani – Kristi Hines                                                                                  

The Marketing Rebel Rant – John Carlton                                                  

The Internet Marketing Speed – James Schramko


4 Hour Work Week – Tim Ferris                                 


???? I have not found any good blogs in this niche yet

Mountaineering / Adventure

???? I have not found any good blogs in this niche yet


Not a blog…but a lot more

ThinkerToys- Michael Michalko –

….and that’s it for now. If you know a good blog, and would like to share it with me and other readers, post the URLs and a brief description, in the comment section.

Enjoy the rest of your day

Thanks, Martyna

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  • There are so many blogs out there and it is very true that people just keep on creating many more each day. It is good to get information from these blogs but then if you also read too much then you just get lost. It feels very good when you read a post and you feel like it was written for someone just like you because you get to learn a lot from it.

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