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Work From Home Stuffing Envelopes…?

By February 7, 2010 3 Comments

When the whole world of possibilities is right at your doorstep?

Imagine working from home stuffing envelopes for years and years? How boring and disastrous! And it takes so little to be independent, both emotionally and financially…

Personal development coaches say that the ability to move forward is really about getting rid of limiting decisions. And limiting decisions show up in our lives because of some deeper misunderstanding within ourselves.

These negative, habitual behaviors exist because something deep down in ourselves needs them to exist. There is a root-cause of everything that happens in life. And it can be changed. The mind, once expanded, will never go back to its previous shape. The difficulty of getting rid of limiting decisions indicates that there is something in our past that frightened us so badly we created all those barriers to protect our well-being. After a while, the mind is so foggy that seeing the true reasons for our misfortunes seems too difficult.
I have been listening to quite a few personal development coaches and have attended several seminars. They can be interesting, but very few are actually worth spending time on. It is a real joy to see a teacher who values individual strength and integrity and enjoys seeing people heal themselves!

Chris Howard is one of those rare individuals.

I attended entrepreneur Chris Howard’s “Breakthrough to Success” and “Wealth Propulsion” weekend seminars in London in 2009. Both have changed my life. It also gave me great  joy to see someone with much passion – which characterizes Chris Howard.

The best part about his seminars, and what illustrates his consciousness, is that “Breakthrough to Success” is a free event and “Wealth Propulsion” costs just a little bit. Knowing this, who wants to spend time working from home stuffing envelopes…when the whole world of possibilities is right at your doorstep?

So…what happens next?


Well, when we open ourselves up to emotional and financial independence we stimulate creative thinking. Our focus changes, and thanks to a more relaxed way of life and positive thinking about ourselves, discovering our unique purpose becomes obvious. We are all unique and we each express ourselves in a way that no one else can. Different ideas fascinate us and we create different plans as a result of them. Being creative and free is the most desired state of life.
This is when entrepreneurship becomes natural. We use our unique talents and differences to serve others and therefore make the world a better place.
Creative ideas need to be backed by money

…to become successful and bring in money. When you know what you want, you can be much more strategic, and may have a pretty easy time getting funding.
And that’s because having a clear vision and strategy provides you with a much more compelling story to tell potential investors than what’s usually contained in a traditional business plan.

“Angel Investors” is made up of people who want to support young businesses both financially and by mentoring them. This relationship offers tremendous possibilities for both parties: the young business person supplies energy, ideas, creativity, passion and a fresh perspective of the world, and the other party provides years of experience, wisdom, openness and financial strategy. This affiliation creates a strong bond between the two.
We will find a rich depth of color in our lives when we act to fulfill our passions. And then with every single step we take, it becomes more and more obvious that the best is yet to come!


  • Night@Wicca says:

    This is great. I remember myself when I couldn’t move from a job that didn’t work for me… why? Because I felt guilty that I wouldn’t be able to finish all project that I was working on. How strange is that. I suppose I was not the only one out there feeling bad about leaving. You’ve got to determine what is that you want and what is better for you – set a goal and you’re already one big step closer to achieving it!
    .-= Night@Wicca´s last blog ..Stress Management – Inspiring Ideas =-.

  • Wicca- It reminds me of myself from some time ago- when responsibility kept me in a place I did not like, or felt really passionate about. But it also showed fantastic inner values.
    Just maybe applied inefficiently.
    You have to value your own time before anyone will…as Dean Hunt says

    thank you,

  • I can never imagine working at home and doing something like stuffing envelopes! It is true that once our minds grow or expand then it is very hard for it to go back to how it was before.n We should have bold decisions and be ready to combine them with hard work and determination for us to be successful.

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