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I have good news for you. The chaotic times we live in, present more opportunities for growth, success and financial stability than ever before. Just watch the rise of new fortunes. The recent issue of Forbes magazine states:

“The ranks of the world’s billionaires have yet again reached all-time highs, both in terms of the number of billionaires (1,426) and record net worth ($5.4 trillion).” Forbes magazine

Unstable times, for those who can’t deal with fast pasted life, are a time of misery. But for those who are ready to observe and learn, can become a life-changing experience.

Personal leadership=sense of responsibility for your own life, plays a huge role in it.

You do not need complex exercises to train this ability.

You can foster it by playing a team sport. It is a perfect leadership game.

The world of sport has much in common with business. Especially during our time, with this nerve -wrecking, chaotic economic situation, that has an emotional stability of a hurricane.

The fast pace of a game, clear goals, flexibility and well-trained fundamentals characterize the winning teams. Sometimes what makes a winner is a fraction of a second, where his mental attitude wins over his competitor’s.

What leadership qualities will you learn by playing sport?

There are quite a few, and they can help you win in your life and business, big time.

When Vince Lombardi became a Green Bay Packers (American Football) coach, he faced a group of strong, passionate men, who failed to win on a consistent basis.

In the following years, under his coaching, the Green Bay Packers won 5 total league championships in seven years time, and two Super Bowl titles.

What he started with during his first session with the boys, was to show them the ball. Then concentrated on speed, running, strength. The fundamentals that need to be practised daily.

What took them from zero to hero as a team, was so basic that others overlooked it.

His principles included:

  • daily practice of the basic skills, like running. Making sure that progress was made every day.
  • strategic sessions with planning, so the team knew where they were going and understood the role other players played. It showed them the responsibility each team member carried,
  • Lombardi knew the strong and weak points of the team mates so he played to their strengths, and minimized the weaknesses by giving that space to another player. Often we hear people trying to be great at everything they do, instead of focusing and mastering the areas they are good at. Stronger players contribute to the winning of the whole team.
  • never giving up

He didn’t focus on complex strategies, but on making sure that the team members mastered the fundamental skills and played to their strengths.

They were a team, and felt responsible for each-other, men who tried making the essential parts just a little bit better, every day. After a year, their progress was so massive, that no one could have taken the championship away from them.

Passion for sport is a great advantage for entrepreneurs and business people. It teaches persistence. Very often a winner, is someone who dedicated years of effort, day-by-day trainings to win in their discipline. It helps to resist quitting when troubles become significant, which is quite common when building a business.

“truth is knowing that your character is shaped by your every day choices” Vince Lombardi

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