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10 Reasons Why It Pays To Play Leadership Games

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There are no doubts that games are rewarding. How do we benefit from playing Leadership Games?

Leadership games – group activities with mental and physical aspects – are a great way to build leadership skills such as communication, problem-solving and confidence. Games involving competition and team effort are led by a leader who knows how to coordinate, plan strategies, and encourage bonding among team members.

Organizing these games and then participating as a leader is a sure-fire method to see if you have what it takes to be a leader, or to simply polish your leadership skills, in an entrepreneurial setting. By not taking part in leadership or problem-solving games, you are missing out on a wealth of opportunity to gain many essential skills to succeed in the world of business.

What you gain by playing leadership games:

  1. Development of the brain. Playing leadership games requires both creativity and logic, which activates both the right and left sides of the brain. The average person uses less than ten percent of their brain so engaging in fun problem-solving games is crucial to the development of the brain.
  2. Increase opportunities. Fine-tuning your leadership skills by playing these games allows you to take this knowledge, growth and confidence into any workplace where you will increase opportunities for upward movement or even to start your own business.
  3. Good relations. Building good relations among workers is essential, but exactly how do you do this? Leading team-building games will teach you how to recognize different personality types as well as strengths and weaknesses among people and use this to the group’s advantage.
  4. Greater ability to influence. As you practice guiding your team during problem-solving games, you will learn how to gently and respectfully influence others for the benefit of the entire group. As you take this skill out into the world, you will find it easier to influence others with your confidence and trustworthiness.
  5. Bigger financial reward. All successful entrepreneurs are great leaders, so if your goal is bigger financial rewards in business, enhancing your leadership skills is critical.
  6. Effective communication. Describing how a game is played, clearly outlining the goal, and strategizing your team members is a skill that not just anyone possesses. In any arena, from school to the business world, effective communication is paramount to success.
  7. Flourish in any economy. If you notice who is complaining about our current economical crisis, you’ll see that it’s not successful business owners. It’s not that these people are lucky, it’s that all successful entrepreneurs are great leaders, and great leaders flourish in any financial environment because they think outside the box.
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  8. Problem solve. Any leadership games, but especially problem-solving ones, allow you to develop the skills to effectively solve problems out in the real world. Problems are a natural part of life, so this is a valuable skill.
  9. Manage conflicts. When working with groups of people, especially in a competitive context, conflict is bound to arise. Learning to manage these disagreements or clashes in game-form will enable you to take this tool to the workplace.
  10. Discover your leadership skills.

To the successful entrepreneur a recession is not a scary thing, it’s yet another opportunity to flourish. When you think outside the box using both creativity and logic, you will thrive in any financial environment. It pays – literally – to play leadership games because you’ll sharpen or develop your leadership qualities so that while others are trying to hang on to the illusion of security, you’ll be well on your way to successful entrepreneurship!

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