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50 Things I have learned during UPW – Unleash the Power Within with Tony Robbins and Joseph Mcclendon

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I have just returned from Italy where I took part in Tony Robbins and Joseph McClendon’s Unleash the Power Within weekend. The seminar is a great experience… where you see how success is formed. Simple steps, taken daily. No magical keys, but repetitive action, the right action. Like deep breath that helps you concentrate and innovate.

  1. there is no permanent connection between an event that happens in your life and the meaning you associate to it. They change as your state changes.
    “there is no absolute relationship between any two experiences in life” W.Mitchell. When you know how to control your emotional state when something happens to you, you can create the outcomes you desire and then shape your future.
  2. the decision what a particular event means, determines the quality of your life.
  3. the way you move your body has a significant impact on the emotional state you are in. All is interconnected. Strong movements create empowering states, weak posture, rounded shoulders may lead to sadness.
  4. people want to be entertained, they do not want to change their lives if it is them who should do the work.
  5. the way you communicate, both with yourself and others defines the quality of your life. The clearer you are about you feelings, identity – who you are, what you want, what you can give, etc, the better satisfaction and passion and impact of your actions.
  6. When you communicate with others, the way you stand, move, your physiology influences them in 55%, while words in 7% only.
  7. thoughts, ideas, passion, have meaning when you put them into action. It is action that makes the difference. It lets you test your ideas and move forward. Action is the sister of Genius.
  8. fear is one of the most essential factors that keep us away from achieving what we want. We “create” the specific phobias,to receive benefits we see as valuable, because for example we have been rewarded for doing them. An example- a kid that attracts attention of its parents every time it cries, will most likely  strengthen the need for sadness and problems. Look for the benefits you have given yourself in the moments of fear or depression, sadness- they will show you the other face of those low emotions. ( depression often attracts attention)
  9. ”The past does not equal the future unless you live there” Tony Robbins.
  10. “skills are fired by certainty” Tony Robbins. Certainty of your goal- direction, or mastery in what you do. Observe the Formula1 drivers. Their drive and passion for driving, will to win awekens their skills needed to drive the cars safely. That is also how innovation occurs. Passion and vision give the mind an area to concentrate on, and to utilize the skills one possesses.
  11. your beliefs, about yourself or the world, will define your outcomes. You do what you believe you can, not what you are really capable of. That shows the importance of challenging yourself, by doing that, you break through your comfort zones, become stronger emotionally and physically.

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