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Young Entrepreneurs…Time for a Challenge with a Prize worth over $300

By February 8, 2011 One Comment

“It’s the last day of your life, how are you going to spend it?”

…Has the question shocked you a bit? Made you think?

Questions create powerful answers…and can truly CHANGE everything. If you heard that statement, and believed in it…

it would instantly shift your focus and most probably transform the way you understand what’s important and what’s not. Which leads to much greater results and achievements…

And that’s the key, play with your own mind.

Powerful and rewarding.

Well, I wouldn’t hesitate saying…life changing.

so…how would you spend the last 24 hours? What would you change, and what would stay the same?

Questions open up your mind on the subjects that really matter in life. And it is where the joy begins.

I have recently been interviewed by Shane McCormick.  I am sharing the conversation in the next article, as the interview touched on some of the issues important to most of us- how to find a mentor, what’s the role of women entrepreneurship in the next decade , how to go about creating a long-lasting business success.

But first…

Time for an important announcement.

The challenge with a prize worth over $300.

Give an answer to one question,

and take part in a game with a highly valuable prize, sponsored by BacklinksMarket.Org. The person who gives the most interesting, individual answer, wins the successful package to help her/his Online Business grow – to powerfully boost any website’s Google rankings:

100 High Page Rank, Dofollow Backlinks, of VIP Quality.

…and what’s more,

Every interesting, unique answer – rewarding to others, will be included in an ebook, created on a subject specified by the Question, together with a live link to the person’s blog. The publication will be widely distributed in the world of Internet to support others.

The Challenge begins on the 14th of February…just exactly on the Valentine’s day and ends on the 21st of February 2011. We will be posting the question here, on the Success Supermarket Blog.

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