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Awaken the Leadership Skill in YOU

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“Why can anybody, including you, be rich?”  Chris Howard asks. He reveals the fundamental laws to achievement and explains the process of achieving spiritual, emotional and financial wealth.  If other people can break through their limitations and start living their dream life, can you do it too? What is holding you back in your life? How do you limit yourself? What do you feel when you look at those who achieve their goals, and realize that they are happy, fulfilled and constantly moving forward? If you knew that you could be, do and have anything you want, what would it mean to you?  It’s priceless, isn’t it?

Chris Howard’s background: he is an internationally acclaimed wealth creation expert, personal development trainer and NLP (Neuro- Linguistic Programming) leader.  He achieved his mastery through his passion for improvement, knowing that life could have been better than it was, could have given him back the happiness and passion he felt in his heart. These days he lives a passionate life, has wealth on every level, and is in a great relationship. It takes action to have what you want. Actions may vary but there is only one fact: thoughts and dreams need action to become reality.

Wealth affects and is affected by every aspect of our lives, not just financial, but emotional, too. When you change one aspect, the other shifts as well. When you invest in your own education, in teaching yourself how to become wealthy while staying happy doing what you love, your spiritual and emotional lives improve as well.  Why is this so? How does it happen? What we focus on, from the overwhelming amount of information we are surrounded by at every given moment in our lives, becomes our reality. If you choose to concentrate on financial abundance, you delete poverty as a result. If you choose to focus on your lack of money, then you remove wealth as an option.

Here is an example of this (you will need to do this with someone): ask the other person to look at her desk and count the amount of pencils and pens on it. Tell her to close her eyes and then ask this question: “ How many books are on the table?”  Are you surprised by this question?

This simple example explains the way we understand reality: when you focus on one thing only, you eliminate the alternatives. You can be rich—or anything else you want to be. It is simply a matter of choice: what you concentrate on and the actions towards your desired outcome. Thomas Edison said, “Great ideas originate in the muscles.” It is persistence and patience that expand them.

Oprah Winfrey once said, “When I was a young girl growing up in Mississippi, I would have never known that anything existed other that the poverty I lived in if it weren’t for the books I read.” What makes people become rich starts in their minds. The mind is where everything originates from. No one will ever make you rich but yourself; only you have the key. Bill Bartmann became the 25th wealthiest person in the world after having grown up surrounded by alcoholism, street gangs and poverty. We are all equal in terms of possibilities. Napoleon said, “Respect the burden,” and he knew what he was talking about. His success followed.  Do you want to discover your own unique leadership skill and way to life and wealth?  This is what constitutes our deepest core: intuition, self-reliance, thinking, dreaming..and taking action.

There is nothing of greater importance for our emotional and physical health than self-reliance. It can always be relearned if not present. For example by attending seminars, learning from others. Like Wealth Propulsion Seminar by Christopher Howard.

Money always follows.

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