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Gary Halbert’s Week : Day 5 – the Costly Mistake

By December 1, 2010 8 Comments

The Internet helps many people build their dream lives. To set up the companies, share the information. And achieve good results really fast. But, it has also created an illusion of close relationships between people.

Our brains are powerful beyond measure, we can achieve nearly anything we want, if only we concentrate and do what we love… but without other people, friendship, close relationships, nature, we cannot really grow. It is how we learn, make mistakes, improve, expand our emotional and intellectual part of ourselves – by observing and learning from others.

The relationships are what really matters.

Hand written letters, a phone call, meeting with passionate people, sharing the information, learning, creating, having fun…here comes one of the most successful business formulas of all time.

Internet Marketing or Marketing are no different. There is one “technique” of great importance, that not many people really use, even when the results seem to be obvious. It is closely related to our basic needs. And here, the results are measured in the number of clients, sales, expansion of your company, recognition of your brand.

The billionaires like Oprah Winfrey emphasize its importance, the highly successful entrepreneurs like Tony Hsieh ( the owner of Zappos ) or Richard Branson ( the owner of Virgin ), prove its incredible power.

Watch the video, where Gary Halbert ( one of the greatest copywriters of all time) explains what the simple “technique” is.

You do not need the costly tools to achieve what you want, often the simple things…are what makes the big difference.

If you found it interesting, you would want to read one of Gary Halbert’s letters : ” How You Should Start Everyday For The Rest Of Your Life!”

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  • Keith Davis says:

    Hi Martyna
    One thing is true in any area of life “The relationships are what really matters”.
    That is true in business and in our private lives.

    As for auto responders… couldn’t agree more.
    Twenty times more responses from snail mail is amazing.

    Product, sales pitch and delivery system is a great way to break down any business – never thought of it that way.

    Thanks for sharing the video.

  • hey Keith
    nice to see you again:)
    relationships are simply a fantastic part of life, simple and true:)! and build solid foundation for anything we do
    glad that you liked the video, Gary Halbert was amazing

    chat soon

  • Killer | dress up girls says:

    […] Gary Halbert's Week : Day 5 – the Costly Mistake […]

  • Justyna says:

    Interesting video Martyna, I would even say quite controversial in relation to autoresponders.
    When we take those magicians who send spam messages using autoresponders then I agree that it is useless. But there are really great internet marketers, who when using autoresponders send interesting, valuable messages. One of them is James Schramko!!

    Are you subscribed to any interesting mailing list?

  • Hey !
    Glad that you liked it, new are coming:)
    mailing lists?
    I have two google accounts for two kinds of activities. One is for all, where all the emails-newsletters arrive, so I scan them and see immediately what is interesting, it is easy to spot a jewel in the crowd:) and the other account is for just a few.
    So at times, all the lists you are subscribed to are quite interesting.
    Try it..when you see them all together…You may have interesting impressions!

    have fun
    thanks for your comment

  • Wil Possible says:

    hey… I really dig this dude 🙂
    thanks for posting his videos.

  • He is a jewel. the things he talked about are immortal!
    Are you interested in marketing ?

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