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Last week we asked one question, and got a few interesting answers. And also we have two winners of the competition…
The question was:

“What do you think, what are the possible changes in the sphere of entrepreneurship in the next 10 or 20 years?
What is the essential action or set of principles that will ensure your success, stability and even progress no matter the economical, social and personal changes in our world?”

You will find the answers below, read them, as they are full of ideas.

The Future Starts Now, inside your own mind. You start creating it when you ask a question.

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”Albert Einstein

If you want better results in your life… ask better questions.
You may probably heard it many times, from some of the most successful people, friends, mentors..
People who question the reality, know, and look for the answers, are those who have their lives in their own hands.

No magic, But desire, unstoppable desire to overcome one’s own weakness, fear, lack of belief in dreams, will to settle.

“The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the man who will win.” – Roger Bannister

The Future, Ideas, Businesses, Art, Start Here… in your Mind. When you mastermind with other people, ( just like reading the answers you will see below)…  don’t let others tell you what to do, but listen to the conclusions and connections between different facts they point out. We are all different… and see the reality differently. Your friend, no matter how close you are to each other, sees the world in a way you would be surprised to find, if you had a chance to look through his eyes.

Add new colors and understanding to what you know about the world, listen to others… the more open you are, the bigger your imagination gets.

The question was:

“What do you think, what are the possible changes in the sphere of entrepreneurship in the next 10 or 20 years?
What is the essential action or set of principles that will ensure your success, stability and even progress no matter the economical, social and personal changes in our world?”


In the next 10-20 years, I see more of what we’ve seen in the last few years: entrepreneurs moving away from starting traditional brick & mortar business and starting online businesses instead, thanks to the lower start-up costs and the ability to work from home (a money saver thanks to the reduction in commuting and the ability to dine at home instead of paying for restaurant food, among other things).

Also, mothers with entrepreneurial drives may increasingly see the downside to working away from home. The ability to be at home with their children will be increasingly appealing and possible, and they can employ other mothers who perhaps aren’t so entrepreneurial but have decent skills to contribute, so they too can stay at home and support themselves to some degree. Fathers can benefit from working at home, too, of course. People may form “neighborhood” businesses, visiting each other’s homes to keep up the social contact and relieve boredom, but of course there can be collaboration online, so geography doesn’t have to get in the way.

Children may also get more involved in home business activities online, and off, and there might be a growing number of child entrepreneurs as a result, offering some creativity and brilliance – things that many adults often lose touch with.

Brick and mortar business start-ups won’t be out completely of course. The online focus of some entrepreneurs may open up more opportunities for brick and mortar – there will likely be an even greater demand for home office equipment and an increase in home renovation projects that center around creating office space. There may also be more demand for delivery services, including food delivery.

Competition online will increase as a result, of course, but there will still be opportunities due to an increase in unique (even downright odd) niches that will satisfy different tastes and needs around the world. And that is where the adaptability to what happens in the world comes in: keeping an eye out for those odd little niches that please enough people to be profitable, locally and beyond.

It’s likely that some of the big social networks will fall, and new ones will rise, and it may become more localized, and niche-y, and exclusive as the competition grows and entrepreneurs eke out their place in this new business world.

The key for any entrepreneur is to try to be adaptable to changes in technology and the economy, which is not always easy, but must be done to survive. I don’t see a utopia with this, just a different focus than there has been in the past, or rather, a different place to put that focus. Ultimately the right blend of appropriate skills, drive, and a tremendous amount of luck are needed for success, so this won’t change that, it just changes the arena.


Justyna Bizdra

Answering your first question…. In my opinion mostly due to the environmental issues we are facing nowadays, successful entrepreneurs will be engaging more in saving the earth from global warming disaster. They will also need to influence more how others think about their closest environment to increase their awareness of scarcity of natural resources and also to make others more aware of their own potential to make all the changes they want in their lives. All that in order to be happy and coexist in harmony with other people and the nature.

The second question…. Essential things for me to be successful are:
– knowing what I want and what is important for me,
– taking all the necessarily steps to live how I want, not postponing for later moment,
– taking all responsibility for who I am and what happens in my life,
– constant learning and improvement,
– risk taking, always moving forward, not giving up when there are failures
– surrounding myself with positive people, who are action-takers and consciously shape their own reality.

Andrea DeBell

Great questions. It got me thinking. Here is a brief take on your questions.

“What do you think, what are the possible changes in the sphere of entrepreneurship in the next 10 or 20 years?”

The new trend is for more businesses to explore the online sphere with innovative ways to promote it such as social media, videos, and podcasts. More and more people are creating online business because it needs minimal start up capital and it has very little overhead. Marketing can also be done with minuscule capital given all the free ways to promote through social media. We’re learning all the ways to promote businesses online. New avenues surface everyday.
Since more businesses are now online, the products that these business offer is also evolving. These new online businesses are now offering more and more online products. A huge amount of ebooks now compete with printed materials since they are cheaper to produce and to sell providing a higher profitability margin for the author. Other online offerings are kits with books/workbooks with videos and podcasts as support materials and memberships to produce a steady monthly income.

“What is the essential action or set of principles that will ensure your success, stability and even progress no matter the economical, social and personal changes in our world?”

What stands us apart from others and secures our stability is the ability to create new businesses and products in alignment with our passions. Many people are now leaving their jobs to create new opportunities online based on what they always wanted to do but didn’t have the courage. Being that online business are so cost effective, more and more people now dare to move towards their dreams.

Thanks for opening the door to this wonderful discussion.


I would say that the future will be very closely related to our ability to cooperate with nature. For centuries people have thought of themselves as the masters of the whole Earth, and from the point of intelligence we are…supremely great…but the other species are equally important in the stability of the whole system. It is kind of funny to think about the evolution- if we are the latest step in its process…what comes next, after us? Nature needs to evolve to survive… and the will to live is the strongest hunger.

So I think that the future of business is dependent on those who can prosper and make the transformation possible. Only. Or there is no future.

To answer the second part of your question-

we need rest, to recharge our batteries. From there our creative muscles take their strength.

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