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Every first Monday of the month, we publish an article about the Business Ideas for the future. The thoughts are expressed here on SuccesSupermarket blog for the better understanding of what might be coming, and are based on the understanding of human nature, development of our civilization and current events. These issues are closely correlated. If you know what the 10 or 20 year vision is, you may prepare and build your dream. If we think long-term, we can see the big picture, not just our field of interest. We can start to see the correlations between different fields of business and global stability of the ecosystem. The place here is open for discussion.

Monday, June the 6th, 2011

The speed of life and the entertainment industry.

Current situation:

We tend to have less and less time to do the most essential things in our lives nowadays. To spend time with our families, develop our talents and fulfil passions, care for the environment. Because of the internet and television, people from all around the world see the level of wealth others possess, and happiness they experience.

The consequence of seeing the wealth and happiness together is that many people dream and spend their lives on chasing financial rewards, believing that they mean and bring emotional joy. We spend more hours working, less time on exercise, healthy human relations, fresh high quality food. Parents, who are busy creating their careers, give less attention to their kids, who grow not fully developed emotionally. People spend long hours on the internet, accepting the virtual world, which changes the way they see the real world. Have you noticed the popularity and number of war games? They help express fear and anger, hide emotional chaos.

Nature. Every half hour one species is going extinct, as the pollution grows, forests are being cut down, oceans are contaminated, the tornadoes, floods, droughts … and in the heart of this situation are humans, with their never-ending needs of balance, good sleep, health and happiness.

What are the connotations of these facts, and the very real future opportunities? Which areas will develop as a result of them?

The Entertainment Industry.

The situation described above will most likely result in the rising level of stress in people. Together with a very possible (hopefully avoidable) destabilization of the ecosystem, this lack of relax, sense of security, will become a serious problem. People will be looking for the ways to find relief. It is in our nature to seek balance.

The power of the entertainment industry- sports, movies, newspapers, TV, music, internet, games, etc will be growing. Just watch the sums of money that are being paid for the great sports players, or their salaries, see the companies eager to sponsor the sportsmen who can advertise their products, services.

For example the highest paid player in major league baseball (2011) is Alex Rodriguez who plays for New York Yankees receives an annual salary of $32,000,000. He signed a $252 million, 10-year contract with the Texas Rangers.

Other baseball player- Vernon Wells who plays for Los Angeles Angels, earns $26,200,000 a year

In Football, David Beckham who  is the highest earning footballer, with £24,1 million annually,  and Cristiano Ronaldo ( who plays for Real Madrid) who has a salary of £22,9 million. He also has over 28 million fans on Facebook.


Observe that those numbers are that high regardless of the global economic crisis.

The strength of the entertainment industry will be growing


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