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Boston bombings and a touching personal statement of one of the critically injured

By April 18, 2013 One Comment

On Monday Boston was hit by two explosions that killed 3 and injured 183 people.

The bombs went off during the annual Boston marathon event, which gathered over 29 000 runners and exploded in the crowds of people cheering up near the finish line.

As of today, three days later, several of the critically injured are still in the hospitals, and the attackers … haven’t been caught yet.

There is no question whether they will be found or not, but the question is “when?”.

CNN published a story that gathered most of the facts shared by the FBI agents examining the case, and also briefly described the victims, both dead and alive.

Among those seriously injured, is a young man, who was there with five of his friends. They were close to a heart of the explosion when the blasts went off.

Today he was discharged from the hospital, with his face covered by the bandages, scarred deeply by the shrapnel wounds. He left four of his mates inside. Each one of them have lost limbs.

Among them is a man who had 70 nails in his leg, the other’s hands  are incinerated. He works as a carpenter. The blast took his job security away. What will he do after being released from the hospital?

Relying on the government support is risky especially during our times… when the crisis is roaring loud.

The same with foundations.

Life can change in an instant, are you prepared for the unexpected? Would  you be ready to be financially secure and to pay your way to recovery and prosperity after a life changing event?

The man said:

“We were having a great day and waiting to see our friend cross the finish line,” he said, “and then all of the sudden it turned in a flash.” He told a CNN reporter.

what are you feelings about the tragic event, have you promised something to yourself?

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One Comment

  • vikram says:

    Hey Martyna, It’s very heart breaking to know about the carpenter. I don’t know some people do this. It’s shame on our humanity. All the best for that carpenter, hope god will find some way for his living.

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