Talented Formula 1 drivers fascinate me, Ayrton Senna (Brazil), Michael Schumacher (Germany), Robert Kubica (Poland).
Their victories aren’t surprising at all. Mental skills, visualizations, daily trainings, repeated for years. But what happens when they have a serious car accident that temporarily blocks them from racing?

Recently Kubica said something VERY interesting.

In 2011 he had a serious car accident while taking part in a motor racing event. He hasn’t fully recovered, and injuries, especially to his hand, are still blocking him from coming back to Formula 1. It is slowly improving day by day, however against the doctors predictions.

He said: “With such injuries I will never fully recover. […] But driving fast requires full concentration, and it is where and when I forget about my limitations, and overcome them.”

the photo of Ayrton Senna comes from ico77vt1


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