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How to lose Your credibility, Fast

By June 4, 2011 No Comments

Today I want to tell you a true story that happened to me a few weeks ago. And was not nice, but there was a great lesson hidden right in the heart of the misery. I want you to hear it and it might even help your business grow…
Aren’t the mistakes, troubles – just the great opportunities for us to become stronger and better at what we do and who we are?


In a few weeks, Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Alan Sugar, and a few other inspiring people will come together to a huge conference centre in London, to lead the National Achievers Congress. They will talk about their businesses, and ways of thinking.

I first heard about it from a guy who is an internet marketer and who belonged to my Facebook friends. He posted a massage on my Facebook wall with his affiliate link to a site selling the tickets. I hesitated because I don’t like spam, but then clicked on the link and started reading… and it was interesting.

Imagine this… three days full of great talks given by some of the most inspiring people of our time.
Yes! I immediately knew that I wanted to be there.

The website looked unprotected, and the ticket cost £250. But well, I thought, …”the man from my Facebook page invited me to this site, and even wanted my friends to buy the tickets too, he is an internet marketer, it must be ok.”.
So I paid the £250 and waited for the standard confirmation of the purchase to come into my inbox. One week passed, and nothing happened. My bank account was charged, but there was no ticket, no confirmation. I contacted the owner of the website (who is one of the less important speakers at the seminar), and did not receive any reply, wrote to the marketer who invited me to the site. He has not responded either. I wrote again, I wanted to know what was happening with my money or ticket, but there was silence. They had my money, and there was no customer support, or receipt of the payment…

Four weeks have already passed.

And here starts the great lesson, which might be valuable to you too. Are you a business owner? Do you take part in any negotiations? We all participate in them during our lives…
When we do business deals, we do not always like the other partners. But it does not really matter, does it?
Whether you like someone or not, are busy with your other duties… your customer is saint.

Don’t mix emotions with money or business.

Do the deals first, cater to the needs of those who put their trust in you, and give you their money, and then go on with your other issues. This way you not only protect the client, give them the sense of satisfaction, save their time, but you also build your successful history and future.
The person who violates this trust, loses credibility and authority. And the world becomes a skating rink, with no exit…

My question to you is, “what do you think, how important it is to help your clients, to “deliver Happiness” (Tony Hsieh, owner of Zappos,com)? Have you had similar experiences, and did you purchase again from the same seller?

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