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Business Communication Skills = Success ?

By October 25, 2010 5 Comments

Our world becomes increasingly complex, and thanks to the Internet many more new businesses are being created every single day. How can you ensure the continuous growth of your brand?

Anders Barnes talks to Greg Anderson, managing director of Bartle Bogle Hegarty (a creative advertising agency, that has offices spread out all around the world).
In this interesting conversation you will find Greg Anderson’s answers to the questions most of the entrepreneurs face:

  • How to protect the privacy of your customers?
  • What makes a really great advertising?
  • What is the number one factor in terms of your business success?
  • Why is serving the community so important for the business owners?
  • How can I give something of value to the groups of people?
  • How to become a valuable member to the communities throughout your brand? Apple and Pizza Hut.
  • What does your business need to become a special value to the customers?
  • Discover the meaning of “value creation”
  • What are the dangers of the new media for young and established businesses?

For the full version of the conversation visit Meet the Boss TV

Meet the Boss TV

(the interview consists of two parts, and takes approximately 20 minutes of your time)

Enjoy the conversation and your insights

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Best, Martyna


  • Hi Martyna! “How can you ensure the continuous growth of your brand?” is an important question that bloggers face. Some of the information on the interview was not appropriate for my blog since I don’t necessarily consider blogging as a business. 🙂 Although branding is something that I try to develop in terms of creating a specific blog niche and being true to this identity.
    Thanks for the business insights. Loving blessings!

  • hey Andrea:)

    We build the brands for ourselves no matter what we do. You don’t consider blogging as a business? That is also what Tony Hsieh from Zappos says- they are for the customers, and deliver happiness. it is a powerful brand.
    Your comment on your blog is an eye-opener. You said:” We go through life distracting ourselves with many many things so we don’t have to explore the world inside of us. I call it the ego keeping us busy (and we allow it).” Ego.

    many thanks and good wishes

  • Martyna,

    “Blogging is for customers” that’s very true!
    It’s also amazing how social media such as twitter & facebook have opened up all these new communication streams that allow customers to interact with your company/brand on a more personal level.

    Has social media helped you at all?

  • hey Mike
    social media… it has helped lot, I believe the world is a better place with it than without it. Honesty is on the surface…

  • The arrival so social media made the communication skill an easier task.
    No need a face to face appointment with the prospect.
    No need to go door to door to prospects.
    All needed is to sign on to facebook and twitter account.

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