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Gary Halbert’s Week : Marketing Wisdom and Massive Fun Together – day 2

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Gary Halbert was one of the best copywriters of our time. He delivered cutting edge techniques that created massive profits for his clients and made them laugh. How did he do it? The answer was simple – He was the master of at least two things:

– words
– human psychology

Scroll down to find three short videos that will show you what I mean by that.

If you consider watching them, make sure you have at least 10 minutes of free time, as you won’t be able to leave the page. Gary Halbert had a hypnotic personality.

…the videos were recorded during The System Seminar that took place in San Francisco in 2004.

When you are done with them, click on a grey link that says : “Gary Halbert’s Health Report”. It will take you to a page with one of his most successful newsletters.

Video 1 – “People are Starving”

Video 2 – “Refund Strategy part 1”

Video 3 – “Refund Strategy part 2”

“Gary Halbert’s Health Report”

watch out for the Gary Halbert’s week day three

Gary Halbert:

“A Collection Of
Truths, Ideas And Observations
Which Can Dramatically Enhance
Your Quality Of Life!


Self esteem is everything: The first “must have” for success is… the honest-to-God, no-bullshit belief you deserve success!

Nothing wins more than superior preparation.

People will do almost anything to stay in their “comfort zone.” Never take someone out of their own comfort zone when you are trying to sell them something.

On the other hand, if you have the courage to put yourself outside your own “comfort zone”… repeatedly… you will certainly gain humongous rewards.

All men are very much alike. It is their habits which separate them.”


Martyna Bizdra

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