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How to Plant a Dream

By September 11, 2011 6 Comments

You have a piece of land. It is a meadow, but you dream about having a garden – full of trees.

You dig a hole, not too deep and narrow, just as deep as the environment where the trees were originally grown. You take the tree, put it into the hole and cover it with soil. Water it.

For days and months you look on your piece of ground, and what you notice there is not really attractive, neither it resembles the trees you want to have. What you see are the tiny tubes with the trees hidden inside, so they can grow without too much exposure to sun or wind. But you keep going…

You water the ground, and occasionally add some fertilizers. You know that you worked well while digging the holes, you gave them the right environment so the roots could grow, and the trees might be stronger later.

The scene is still everything but the trees..

But you give them the right care from the day one. You look after the roots, so they can spread out in the soil. You avoid “glazing”. It may happen when the soil –skin that covers the bottom and sides of a hole hardens so that the roots cannot reach water or grow. You water the ground… and add the root promoting fertilizers or fungi.

Day after day, season after season, your trees become stronger and bigger. You see and hear birds coming to sit on the branches, and cherish the shadow that it gives.

You will love its fruits.

Work and patience will pay off


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