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How to Take Care of Your Mind

By May 18, 2011 13 Comments

Last Monday I had a really bad stomach ache. All I could do was sleep. Sometimes we all experience it, it comes accompanied by a temperature, tiredness and a slightly changed understanding of the world.
Now, two days later, I think about what I eat, as it builds my blood, heart, stomach, skin and lungs.

Isn’t it the same with our thoughts? What we allow to come into our minds, creates the way we feel and think about the presence and future.


  • If our thoughts aren’t as positive as we want them to be, it reflects on our physical condition and food intake. If we are not in the best moment physically or emotionally, sometimes our thoughts also see a gray moment of the present and future.

  • hey Vivian

    yes, things are so interconnected, all is one?
    every situation has thousand masques
    take care of your health

    all the best

  • jayne says:


  • jayne says:

    I agree on this. Whatever you think about yourself reflects on the way you behave and also to your actions. Therefore if you think that you are a lousy person then you will really be a lousy person. All you have to do is to shape up your self concept and think more positively because this can greatly our performance in our daily life. It is important that we take care of ourselves not only physically but also emotionally.

  • hey hey Jayne

    I have something for you:

    It is an interview with the world’s number one tennis coach Nick Bollettieri. Truly a great conversation.

    thanks for your great comment

  • Matt@Custom Signs says:

    Believe in yourself and push yourself to do good in everything you pursue. Don’t allow negative thoughts and emotions to get to you. If you believe in yourself you can accomplish anything.

  • hey Matt

    great words!
    It is also interesting that among the most successful people are those who went through difficult challenges and succeeded over them. That made them unstoppable. The real face of inner strength and what we call “negativity”


  • I think that is possible. They said that it is only in the mind. If you will think about positive vibes, everything seems to be okay.

  • hey raverture

    it is possible, when you believe in it. “They said that it is only in the mind. If you will think about positive vibes, everything seems to be okay.”

    here I would add- it is in the mind and in the action. mind without it goes to sleep.

    thank you for the comment

  • Paul @ Local Honcho says:

    You’re absolutely right. There are times that I actually hate I think and tried my best not to put that thought in my brain again. What you feed your mind is important as it creates your inner being. Thanks for this useful post 🙂

  • Paul
    yes, thoughts are like flashes of light, that disappear so quickly, and powerful enough to move our hands, and legs, the whole bodies, without much effort, even let us run as fast as wind.
    “What you feed your mind is important as it creates your inner being”.
    well said
    when you can get rid of hatred, and stay calm inside, you will be the master of your future

    thank you for your comment
    all the best

  • Mark@PR Agency Derby says:

    It’s an interesting concept, similar to the one in “The Secret” that basically, “thoughts become things”.

    My advice as a psychologist by background is to take the time out to write down what you want to achieve, don’t just keep it in the mind. Studies have shown that the process of writing things down actually makes them more likely to happen.

  • Mark, “The Secret”, what a great movie. Have you watched “What the bleep do we know”?

    You are a psychologist, that’s nice. Thanks for your great advice, human brain is a miracle. There is a great book full of practical “techniques” for successful goal setting are , Psychology of selling by Brain Tracy.

    thank you for stopping by and for your comment

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