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By May 23, 2011 One Comment

Today I want to tell you a real story that happened in the early years of the XIX century.

Europe, 1811

War Time.
In 1811, the struggle waged between the two mega-powers. France led by Napoleon Bonaparte and Russia with its Emperor Alexander I. During the Napoleonic Wars the Russians tried to dominate the whole Europe.

Napoleon was busy in Spain, and the front in Western Europe was not secured. This was an opportunity for the Russians … So they began preparations for a massive offensive.
Unfortunately there was a problem. Poland – A country between Germany, Austria (back then Prussia and Austrian Empire) . They had to march through it. Poland suported France and Napoleon Bonaparte.
So… they decided to bribe Poniatowski Joseph, who commanded the Polish army. They Emperor of Russia sent Adam Czartoryski who offered Poniatowski the crown of Poland, and country from sea to sea in return for the betrayal of Napoleon and the possibility for the Russian troops to walk through the country . The game was fought with large stakes.
…Jozef Poniatowski refused. Not only that, he warned Napoleon, and they prepared a counteroffensive that resulted in 1812 war.
the punch line is interesting … Jozef Poniatowski was highly respected by the Russians who admired his honor.

One Comment

  • let’s brake the ice. Do you like the story? would you go with the Russians or rather stay with a leader that may fall? History even when we can’t always say what was true and what wasn’t is a fascinating adventure, isn’t it…

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