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LEADERSHIP GAMES…Leadership Skills might be learned…

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Many people believe that leaders are born and not made because they think that talent cannot be learned.

Unlike the inherent musical aptitude of Mozart, for example, who was playing minuets at the age of five, leadership can be learned because skill alone does not make a leader, behavior does.

People follow leaders because they trust and respect them, not simply because of their expertise.

Leadership Characteristics

Leaders do not demand brilliance, they help craft brilliance; they guide, not rule.

In order to bring the best out of her team, a leader should demonstrate the very characteristics she wants in her team. In other words, lead by example.
So what characteristics makes an effective and respected leader? She should be:

• honest
• competent
• innovative
• decisive
• inspiring
• passionate
• positive
• fair
• open-minded
• courageous
• imaginative
• humble (she may know it all, but she’s not a know-it-all)
• verbally persuasive

Developing Leadership Skills

If you don’t yet possess all these qualities, rest assured that as you earn the trust and respect from those in your team, you will feel more confident, courageous, decisive, etc. This symbiotic relationship allows those you are leading to feel part of a team, rather than mere worker bees who must be seen and not heard.
In 2008 the British government proposed an initiative where young people would swear an oath of allegiance to ‘Queen and Country’ to increase national loyalty. The initiative was dropped because you can’t force people into loyalty; you must earn it. This proposal said more about the weak leadership of the country rather than the lack of loyalty from its citizens. Good leadership is often more about serving than leading.

A leader makes things happen by:

Leadership Games

• Having a goal and a plan (as motivational speaker Harvey Mackay once said, “A dream is just a dream, but a goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline.”)
• Putting together a good team
• Inspiring and encouraging each team member to give their absolute best

As a leader you must possess a good measure of self-awareness so that you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses, and can therefore build a symbiotic team that is mutually beneficial.

Importance of Fun Learning

As we all know from experience, the things we tend to remember are the things that interest us. People learn better through experiential learning and games. The best way to build leadership skills is to make it both fun and instructive, and the best way to do that is by playing leadership games. From simple ones where the task is less important than the experience, to more specific ones where the task is the experience, the most important thing is to make sure the challenge is enjoyable.

Leadership Games

An example of a simple leadership game is The Survival Game, which is common in leadership training seminars. Each team is given a survival scenario (like plane crash or shipwreck) and must come up with ten items necessary for survival. In a leadership game like this, the leader exercises her skill in ensuring a group consensus.

Interested in learning more? Find about 10 Best Leadership Games.

More complex games might include Clinton Swaine’s Play To Win, a three-day seminar that teaches people to solve real-world problems with real-world tools within a game format. The skills you learn here will translate to your real-world business. Swaine’s leadership game is based on Plato’s reflection that “you can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation”.

Jack Canfield, another popular motivational speaker and author, describes his Come As You Will Be game, in which you throw a party where all the guests dress, talk and act as the person they want to be in five years’ time. This game saturates your subconscious with images and, more importantly, feelings of your success by strengthening positive neural pathways to your brain. What’s real in your mind is real in your life.

To read more about Leadership Games, click here.


So if you see yourself as a leader, start by learning leadership behavior through self-awareness, observing successful leaders, and participating in leadership games to develop your skills.
what’s on your mind?

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  • James says:

    I think there are those who are natural born leaders… the Mozarts of leadership, if you will. I’m not one of those people, but have made it part of my life’s work to become better skilled at leading others. Hard work pays off… It makes a difference.
    .-= James´s last blog ..Happy Mother’s Day =-.

  • James

    I also think so. I think it is related to values. Would You agree?
    Richard Branson comes to my mind. There are people that know or have not let themselves forget how to lead their own lives. From there it is just one step to leading others.
    I wish You success in Your Leadership, if You want it You will have it, no doubts about it. Napoleon was self-made…

  • Reggie Aquilina says:

    Hi Martyna,

    Just clicked on the comment you left me in the blog and came to have a look at yours. I love your blog!
    As regards leadership I do agree that it is a question of having clear Values. People with clear Values find it easy to take decisions and provide a sense of directions to those who choose to follow them. Once you are truly comfortable with the idea of who you are and what you stand for your confidence, certainty and attraction will emanate from you to others. I think Leaders can be made but I also feel that those who are born with innate leadership skills might have an edge on others.

  • Hi Reggie

    great to see you
    and thank you:)

    you take two people with similar values of for example honesty, integrity, productivity, and one will be a true leader and the other won’t. they have different passions and different visions. Passion cannot be learned, but it can be rediscovered.
    Hitler is an interesting example of…leadership(?), isn’t he?

    take care

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  • Jacek says:

    hey Martyna

    through my own life, I have discovered how important that is to be self-aware, and really highly self-dependent.
    This is when actual game of life begins.
    When you leave behind all the clutter that is overloading your backpack…you can finally speed up.


  • hey Jacek

    I totally agree


  • Nikita@Cooking Games says:

    A very thoughtful article. I believe that leadership skills are all about the way we show our confidence, behavior and the way we deal with others. Some may get that naturally, but it is not hard to learn and acquire either.

  • I believe that being a leader is more of serving others and not others serving you. The tips you have shared are all very essential for good leadership and if followed correctly by every leader then we should not have any problems with our leaders any where . Awesome post.

  • Hey Jim

    ha:) thanks, if it was so simple…

  • Andy@ SEO Agency says:

    In my view true leadership comes by birth naturally. Even if we inculcate the habits of true leaders, it is helpful only to some extent, but it does not make one a complete leader.

  • “In my view true leadership comes by birth naturally. Even if we inculcate the habits of true leaders, it is helpful only to some extent, but it does not make one a complete leader.”
    … so in your opinion, what would make one a complete leader then?

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