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7 Steps To Taking Your Achievement To the 10th Power

  1. Dare to Dream
  2. Believe in it and possess the will to get it
  3. Know where you are on the path to your goal and what you need to learn …by having: mentors and coaches, and by surrounding yourself with powerful people (or at least their books) like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Richard Branson and Napoleon Bonaparte
  4. Manage your focus and use expanded awareness
  5. Take immediate action on every step
  6. Raise your standards – learn more, meet wealthy people and respect yourself
  7. Celebrate your results

…and start on the next adventure.

Look at the top achievers in every discipline, whether it’s sports, business, the arts or science. These are ordinary people like you and me. But what distinguishes them from the rest is the fact that they have simply mastered a few skills, such as:

–          discipline

–          concentrating on one major goal

–          purpose obsession, repetitive learning

–          taking action

–          repeating the actions

We all have these skills.

The real trick to achievement is… to know what you want. Then it’s just a matter of repetition and discipline in taking action.
Ski Jumping is among the most dangerous of all sports. Yet it attracts such charismatic people. The difficulties they go through to sculpt not only their bodies but their characters make them failure-proof! To achieve success, ski jumpers need courage taken to the extreme and repetition of the action – ski-jumping – to overcome fear of accidents or self-consciousness in the face of ogling crowds. When they do fall, they simply get up and  jump again and again so that there is no room for fear to take over.

Observe the world champions and imagine yourself achieving success.

What characterizes ski jumpers during the jump or any other achiever is being able to stay in a state of relaxed focus – “expanded awareness”. What this means is the ability to focus entirely on the goal: in this case a successful jump while at the same time feeling the wind, balancing the body, being aware of the slope and still executing the jump safely! This is the same state of mind used by all successful people.
This expanded awareness provides tremendous power. Just imagine being able to concentrate on any task no matter what is going on around you, while still absorbing everything in your surroundings necessary for your success!

When you really know what you want and are able to use any tool to your advantage, it speeds up your achievement. This is the joy of the journey, and not just of the destination!

This  is the real trick to leading a successful life

and after that…Money always follows…when you want it


  • Cool post Discipline, Concentration on the goal, Repetitive Learning all add up to
    Emotional maturity. Emotional maturity it would seem to be to name of the game

  • hey Lloyd

    thanks for stepping by and for your comment
    emotional maturity= responsibility= independence= financial prosperity= overwhelming level of achievement= love

    have a great day over there
    Martyna Bizdra

  • Walter says:

    Time and again you have proved the truth about success. I have incorporated what you have elaborated here in my goals, and I know I will succeed. 🙂

  • hey Walter
    thanks for your comment:)
    word “impossible” exists only in a language of fools
    good luck!

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  • john says:

    Great article with plenty to think about in building your future.

  • Alex@Money Saving Tips says:

    Those are some really wonderful tips and I must agree with you on all the points there. Thank you so much.
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