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“If you don’t relax, you will never be fast”…

By December 15, 2011 4 Comments


  • David says:

    I like what you quote here ”If you don’t relax, you will never be fast” a great reminder to all that we need to take a pause to keep going.

  • absolutely. It is visible when you move fast forward. Stressed body misses the concentration on the goal, and you lose balance, you lose speed and eventually… joy

    give yourself a pause

  • Trust me, I’ve learned the hard way what happens when I try too hard and go too fast and don’t take a few minutes to slow down and relax. I really suffer for it when I do, so I’ve learned to pace myself.

    A good quote to remember.

  • I love the quote mainly because I can relate to it. I try to do one thing everyday that is real, slow and not connected to my goals. Have also found that when I get back to work, my focus is more afterwards because of this specific task I did to slow down.

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