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One real-life, results-producing technique to Stop Procrastinating

By March 28, 2011 7 Comments

Today I was walking in the woods, the weather was lovely, the mountains still snowy, and the Sun was the owner of the sky.
I was walking and thinking about a project I have been working on for three weeks. While walking… I realized that, by coincidence… I came across a great results-producing technique to stop procrastinating.

The project I am working on is a challenging one, fascinating and to finish it, I will need to breakthrough a few comfort zones, that have been with me for some time.
Does it sound familiar to you?

Most of us know this feeling- you really want to do something, you believe in the project, you tested it, and it worked, you know that it can be rewarding, not just for you but many others as well… yet, there is something that stops you and keeps you in this emotional fridge called procrastination.
Procrastination… is a dark place, that becomes even darker when you think about the project, and do nothing to complete it. Procrastination silences your imagination and self-worth. Drains your energy and steals your time.
No task or project is really big and serious enough to stop you from achieving what you really want. They are the pieces of a great puzzle. Finishing your jobs should be your addiction, as they are the steps that take you further. But we all know… that sometimes it is a bit less clear, and we just let the fear control the action, and avoid taking the necessary actions. At least it happens with me, sometimes, but it does.

While walking, I suddenly realized that when I started the project three weeks ago, I did something that now keeps me on track, and does not let me even consider quitting.

This one thing, shows me every day that the project is a part of something greater, creates my self-image, creates the way others see me, and is important to the future…

what was it then?
When I started working on the task, I talked to two or three people about it, described its potential, and painted it in full colors. They know about it, and I showed my will to complete the project.
I gave my word, to myself and them.

Now, if I stop, or procrastinate… I will simply break my word, and the possible consequences can be ugly.
The fear of breaking your word, facing the pain of saying that you have not done it, will make you want to complete the project no matter what.

talk about your ideas with your friends, it is incredibly beneficial, in many ways

have you procrastinated yourself? Do you have your own techniques for a procrastination-free days?

thank you,
all the best


  • Denise says:

    Hello Martyna! Thanks for such an inspiring post. It is true that procrastination is really what many a time keeps us away of the finishing line. Giving up projects no matter how big or small they are lead us to lose faith in ourselves. Perhaps, sharing our ideas with others and show ourselves eager to make them come true is a compelling way of avoing saying to ourselves that we will handle things later on.

  • hello Denise

    nice to see you again
    “show ourselves eager to make them come true is a compelling way of avoiding saying to ourselves that we will handle things later on.”
    yes, and what Dean Hunt said : saying later usually means never.

    Our minds hate delays, thoughts are fast

    thanks for your comment

  • Denise says:

    Procrastination is what many a time prevents us from fulfilling our objectives.

  • James @ Law School Handbook says:

    I agree. It is amazing what sharing your goals and projects does to counter procrastination. The fear of losing face to ones peers is a powerful influence. Having a friend or coworker hold me accountable has been a proven way for me to keep on task as well.

  • Hey James
    nice to meet you:)

    yes sharing the goals and projects is truly great fun, but with the right people. So multidimensional, ideas grow, develop.
    Good luck with your ideas


  • To avoid procrastination, I write the things that I see that could slow my project down or hinder me from doing it so that I become prepared when they happen. I write how I feel about the project so in times when I feel down or discouraged, I have something that will remind me on how much I wanted to fulfill the project and the benefits it will give me and the people around me.

  • hey Andrew
    those are powerful tips, especially the benefits that you write down on a piece of paper, and the reason for the project to flourish.
    I would personally avoid writing about the possible black scenarios, as it might reinforce them, and concentrate on the most positive outcome

    thanks for sharing, your comment is interesting

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