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By May 21, 2010 2 Comments

In ancient Greece existed a myth of Pandora – the first woman, who was sent to the earth by Zeus to punish humans for Prometheus’ sin of stealing fire from the gods.
Pandora was beautiful, strong and married Prometheus’ brother Epimetheus. So Zeus gave her a jar as a marriage gift and told her never to open it…

But she was curious…

…and opened the jar.

When it was open, all sorts of evils and terrible events, plagues and diseases escaped and spread out all over the earth.

But the jar contained something more.

There was … Hope, in the bottom of it,
as hope is the power that is able to defeat the evil.


  • Keith Davis says:

    Hi Martyna
    Classic story, Pandora’s box.
    Your have caught the meaning of the myth in your short explanation above, and of course, you have reminded us of the hope.
    What greater gift can you give us.
    Thanks Martyna
    .-= Keith Davis´s last blog ..Laugh and the world… =-.

  • hey Keith

    thanks for Your comment, hope is like the ability to dream, and plan the realization of something that has never existed before.

    have a great day

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