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Tuesday : Success Strategies of the Successful Ones : Jack Welch. Part II

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Are you a visionary, dreamer who thinks about the future, believes in ideas and cherishes hard work?
Can you create a business based on your passion?

These are the general questions, but they come first…

How to take the ideas further?
How to Create a Global Business in less than three years time?
Jack & Suzy Welch helped a young and promising company create a successful strategy for their growth. Through discussion, they addressed the major questions most of the young entrepreneurs are facing, like:

– what is the responsibility of the global business
– Global or Local? How to start
– Leadership is Paramount : If the company is going to take the global market, who is going to lead the charge?
– Suzy Welch to Jack Welch :
” In terms of your experience Jack, when businesses go successfully global, how are they organized?”
watch the videos to hear the answers

Part I

Part II

Part III

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