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Tuesday : Success Strategies of the Successful Ones : Jack Welch

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Gurbaksh Chahal said :
“Some people look for professional role models. While others look for exceptional human beings that inspire them to dream. And for that, I will forever thank my grandmother.”…
When you want to grow, and have dreams, learn from those who make things happen.
We all have tremendous possibilities, and it becomes more obvious once we start working toward our goals and making mistakes. The maturity and true unstoppable strength come when we understand what the mistakes really are.
Failure is a choice.
We need practical dreamers like Richard Branson, Jack Welch, Steve Jobs, Gurbaksh Chahal, to see that it is not just about the strategies and techniques, that are obviously important, but most of all about happiness. That sweat and mistakes are going to happen, and they help you come closer and closer to the final understanding of what you really love.

Jack Welch said : “Change is Something Good, it Creates opportunities every time”

Jack Welch on Leadership:

watch the video to hear the conversation

Jack Welch – “Born in Salem, Massachusetts, Jack received his undergraduate degree from the University of Massachusetts and an MS and PhD in chemical engineering from the University of Illinois. He began his career with the General Electric Company in 1960, and in 1981 became the Company’s 8th Chairman & CEO. During his 20+ year tenure as CEO, the Company’s market capitalization rose from $13 billion to $400 billion. In 2000, he was named “Manager of the Century” by Fortune magazine.

Jack is the father of 4 children and has 10 grandchildren. He is an avid Red Sox fan and is a fanatic about sports and business news in every medium.”
according to

he is the author of “Winning” a number 1 International and Wall Street Yournal Bestseller

very special bonus:

this link will take you to the Jack Welch Management Institute video series, shared on iTunes. You can watch 6 videos where Jack Welch teaches his key strategies.

Do you know an inspiring quote by Jack Welch? or has he influenced your actions in a very special way? Share your thoughts below.

Martyna Bizdra

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