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The Most Beautiful in the World : Ballet Dance : Rudolf Nureyev

By June 3, 2011 3 Comments

How to awaken your genius? How to become the best you can possibly be?
These are very tough questions… but genius is our birthright.

Passion… the ultimate goal of life, one central element, when reached, transforms every day into a miracle. Where jobs, or mundane actions, boredom do not exist. All of us have something unique inside, called genius, that can be mastered into an unprecedented level of beauty, innovation and simplicity.

It  was the goal of Picasso, a french painter, even when he had been already recognized as the most essential artist of the XX century, to come back to the openness of a child, with no habitual ways of thinking… to have the fresh approach to new events, as it brings the greatest results and solutions to the problems of any kind.

One of the greatest geniuses of dance was born in the former Soviet Union in 1938, and left it for Europe to master his talent…

Rudolf Nureyev amazed people by his excitement and expressive style, that electrified the audiences all around the world.

When we are full of joy and passion, when we do what we love, there is no stop for improvement, and the direction comes from within, intuitively.

It is called genius and innovation. Simple, and true… we all have it.

Watch him dance, enjoy!

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Many thanks to inniscove for the photo of Rudolf Nureyev


  • Tom@Bloch Ballet Flats says:

    It’s true he was a great ballet dancer. To be honest, although there’s definitely bucketloads of talent there, I think it was the Soviet training regime which created Nureyev – if you look at all the world class gymnasts they produced over the years it’s clear that they took sport VERY seriously and didn’t like to lose.

  • try to match his performance

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