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The Second Most Vital Skill For Success

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One of the best ways to master a new skill is to learn public speaking and to teach it to others. Investor and business man Warren Buffet proved this theory when he taught investing to people twice his age. Chris Howard, master of NLP and wealth creation, has also successfully demonstrated this idea.

Why is teaching others the subject we want to master so groundbreaking?

We all have a unique way of looking at complex problems and discovering solutions to them. The more we understand the problem, the sooner we can solve it, and one of the most efficient ways to understand something is to put it into words by talking about it with others. This is when our vague ideas take shape and every time we talk about the idea, the shape becomes more focused. If you try to understand the issue by teaching it to others, you can’t help but move forward, because when we teach, we need our listeners to understand us and we can also learn different approaches to the discussed problem. Teaching becomes a brainstorming session, opening doors to new ideas and, of course, to better understanding.  This is when the “light bulb” moments appear.

What is the result of clarity of thought?

Napoleon Bonaparte was famous for being able to express his plans in a very simple and precise way. As a result, he is one of the greatest geniuses of all times. He was able to conquer nearly all of Europe in record time and win “unwinnable” battles. He said about himself that his arm was directly linked to his head; he was quick to recognize his intuition and act upon it. The easiest way to heed your intuition about something is to hear yourself talk out loud about it.

Another great example…

By talking about money and by learning new vocabulary related to it, you expand your imagination in that particular direction. You can choose nearly any topic and the result will be the same. The more you understand a topic, the more intuitive your ideas about it become and then the results are immediate. This is, of course, connected to the limited focus of our brain, which takes in and processes only a small fraction of what is happening around us. The ability to choose keeps us sane. But at the same time what you choose to think about on a continuous basis becomes your reality. When the results are not what you want to have in your life you can change them by directing your focus to those parts of reality that have been out of focus for you. And you do this by brainstorming with other people on a particular topic, and the best way to do this is to teach them.

When you learn something new, you remember only a small fraction of this new knowledge. Repetition is the key to success, and by teaching you strengthen what you already know. Why is this so? There are many factors at play, including the way our brain works to gaining self-esteem and confidence in a particular field.


When you teach a particular subject you are confronted by people who see it from their own perspectives. You become more tolerant both for yourself and for others. This then opens up tremendous possibilities for your imagination to grow… and it is imagination that rules the world.

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