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The Success Strategy of the richest man of the world

By September 1, 2010 12 Comments

What is Success? What does it mean to you? What are your goals, dreams, desires? How do you understand money?

Napoleon Hill, the author of “Think and Grow Rich”- the number one selling book of the XX century on lasting success and personal wealth, described the road to inner and outer harmony. He carefully studied the hundreds of the richest people, starting with the richest man of the world at that time – Andrew Carnegie.

It is created by 12 elements…and see that money is at the end of the list.

Napoleon Hill:

1. A positive mental attitude

2. Sound physical health

3. Harmony in human relations

4. Freedom from fear

5. The hope of future achievement

6. The capacity for applied faith

7. Willingness to share one’s blessings with others

8. To be engaged in the labor of love

9. An open mind on all subjects toward all people

10. Complete self-discipline

11. Wisdom with which to understand people

12. Financial security

Even a tiniest success starts a domino effect. Do you find yourself underestimating your thoughts, innovations, ideas, the power of your creative mind? Feed it with success, it will never be the same.

Many highly successful people speak about the value of one good idea. Ideas are the creators of our lives. They shape the world. They start the avalanches of improvement and success. One after another, stronger and stronger. When your self- assurance grows, your ideas will accompany it.

When you look at Richard Branson, and his vast empire that stands on many smaller firms, like Virgin Planes, Virgin Trains, Virgin Mobile, Virgin Blue…and more than 300 others…What do you see?

there is something that connects them all

it is one simple thought- an idea, a world created by a set of values, that are repeated over and over again.

Money, the value of your passion, service.

What are your successes that you are proud of?


  • Keith Davis says:

    Hi Martyna
    What successes am I proud of?

    I’m proud of my own public speaking successes but I’m most proud of the number of people that I have introduced to public speaking, and watched them grow in ability and confidence.
    Many of them never believed that they could ever stand in front of an audience, but they did.

    BTW – good to see you back, you are far too young to retire. LOL

  • Keith

    Your site Easy Public Speaking is such great fun and resource, and you are giving it away only for the price of time spent on reading:). You can breakthrough something also by discovering more about it…so it becomes more familiar, and suddenly you want to try it, and laugh at your own unrealistic previous thoughts!

    haha:) I am young enough to want to retire soon, but intelligent enough to avoid it!

    stay happy

  • Keith Davis says:

    Thanks for the link to my site and thanks for your kind comments.
    You brighten my day.

  • Elmo Borgelt says:

    Apprenez des conjugaisons de verbe simples, voir des verbes de la même façon conjugués (si chacun) et apprenez plus avec les liens vers les leçons liées pour ce verbe français commun.

  • Bonjour

    J’aime le français il a l’air d’une mélodie …, mais si vous voulez communiquer avec nous, utilisez l’anglais s’il vous plaît


  • Keith Davis says:

    Bonsoir Martyna
    C’est bon de visiter votre blog et de recevoir des lecons francais.
    Ca coute combien? Lol

    Btw – votre francais est magnifique – meme avec les accents!

  • Bonsoir Keith 🙂

    Comment faites-vous mon ami ?
    combien de langues font vous parlez, le français est joli!

  • Keith Davis says:

    Comme vous voyez, je parles un peu de francais!

    Ich habe Deutsch in schule gelernt, aber ich habe alles vergessen.

    ? ????? ??????? ?? ???????. ??? ??????????

    Hablo un poco Espanol – buenas noches senorita

    But most of the time – English.

  • Keith Davis says:

    Sorry about the..
    ? ????? ??????? ?? ???????. ??? ??????????
    I actually typed it using the Cyrilic alphabet – it was meant to be Russian.

  • Keith
    then you haven’t mentioned the important language that you excel at
    Human Interactions

  • Just as success means different things to different people even the strategies involved in achieving success differs from person to person. Still, one needs the same patience to attain the goal. Success stories of other people also motivates and inspires us at the same time we also learn a lot more from such case studies.

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