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Tuesday Success Strategies of the Successful Ones: Greg Louganis – Determination

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Greg Louganis, one of the greatest divers in the history, won his first Olympic silver medal at the age of 16, and four gold medals four and eight years later. He received the James E. Sullivan Award from the Amateur Athletic Union in 1984 as the most outstanding amateur athlete in the United States. Then he had to stop his career.

Difficult personal life, shy and with surprisingly low self-esteem, how did he manage to create such phenomenal success and reach unprecedented level of skill, that allowed him to win medals, and be remembered as the most poetic sculpturer of forms in the air?
The answer is simple, as it always is with the most important things.
Poetic, yet very down-to-earth.

This is one of the fundamentals of greatness. Mastery at what everybody else can achieve and learn, like technically brilliant dives, or selling, or building… plus your own individuality. These two components create what is known as genius and mastery. How can you achieve that?
Watch him dive.

To reach that level of skill, when you achieve the state of flow, when everything you do seems to be so easy… win everything you want, surprise and wow your clients, friends, audience, be one step ahead… listen to what Greg Louganis has to say, and how he explains the simplicity of his …”technique”:

For me doing the dive hundred times, I finally get comfortable with the dive, to where it is a reflex, and during that dive and competition time and time again reinforces your power to do the dive and not have to think too much about it because by the time you think – oh what I have to do now-, then it is over.

Practice, Practice, Practice, Visualisation…

taking action helps your brain unconsciously find the right answer required by the situation, in its simplest, most effective and elegant shape.

Again Greg Louganis:
I do not view my diving as mechanical thing, I do not go from step one to step two to step three, it is more like choreography.

You can achieve that through consistent actions, and doing what really matters to you.

Greg Louganis lives in America, has written an autobiography titled: “Breaking the Surface”

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