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Tuesday Success Strategies: Sports Illustrated: Content Quality will make or break you.

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Mark Ford and Terry McDonell are the men behind “Sports Illustrated” success.
It is a mega popular American sports magazine, read by over 23 million adults each week ( that includes 18 million men). In 2008 it transitioned into a digital format, setting up a new standard for the whole industry.
In this 15:41 seconds long interview they reveal the magic behind the SI lasting popularity. The conversation is brief, but their insights will stay with you for a long time.

When you are a business owner, and operate in a market full of fierce competition, you will want to know what made them so successful and maintain this status.

Content Quality

Terry McDonell (a former motorcycle gang member, up in northern California) says: ” Content is another word for … Too much crap. If you can break through that, and have something good, people will pay for it.

Mark Ford says: ” At Sports Illustrated we hate calling it content. It is deeper than that. It is engaging, it is about writing, about photography, journalism and that story that noone else has.”

it will differentiate you from everybody else.

But it is not enough. Great content has a tween sister. It is a tribe you build around it. People passionate about the subject. How to create it?

watch the interview and have a notepad with a pen ready to write down your notes.

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