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Young Entrepreneurs: Why It Is Essential To Write Your Goals Down

By May 25, 2010 2 Comments

The Circle of Life

We are complex beings. We need satisfaction both in our personal and professional lives, no matter what we choose as our occupation. We are all aware of people who achieve great financial success just to mask their loneliness or lack of self-confidence. But we are also aware of those like Richard Branson (one of the richest and most respected entrepreneurs in the world, creator of the Virgin brand), who have managed to balance their personal lives with their business, finding satisfaction and fulfilment in both areas.

If our lives are one entity – one circle – then the different areas of it, like home and family, or finance and career, are the parts of it. All parts are important; they create the whole picture, the whole body and mind of an individual.

Modern science singles out six main parts of human development:

  • sphere of ethics and spirit – our values that we live by
  • home and family
  • socio-cultural sphere of life – our social bonds with friends and extended family
  • health and fitness – our diet and exercises
  • finance and career
  • education and mind development – your individual way of improving your skills and knowledge

All these spheres are important, and closely correlated. One influences the other. You will vastly improve your life if you care for all areas of yourself, and if you set goals for each separate sphere.

If you already know that you need a change, that something might be better – like your relationships with your family, or your finances – then you must seek new ways to do it.

Writing Down Your Goals

It has been proven that one of the best ways to achieve what we want is to write our thoughts down.

Why is that? And what happens when you write down your goals?

  • It’s like planning a trip: you write down what you want to achieve so that you can see what steps are needed in order to get there, and you can also see your progress.
  • If you can write it you can measure it, and if you can measure it you can achieve it.
  • The process of writing down your thoughts forces you to be more concise  and clear about the purpose of your actions.
  • You save time, because writing down your goals gives your mind the clarity and motivation to seek solutions instead of coping with the initial idea: what do I want.
  • When you write you stimulate your imagination; you need to visualize what you really want.
  • You motivate yourself by taking action and seeing your intangible desires in tangible form via letters or shapes or colors – if  you decide to paint them, for example.

Remember, concrete plans bring specific concrete results; vague thoughts and vague plans usually bring chaos and small results…or worse create disability


  • Keith Davis says:

    Hi Martyna
    Write it down – great way to crystalise exactly what you want to or are going to do.
    Whenever I write a speech, I write the purpose of the speech first.
    Helps me remember what I’m trying to achieve.
    Same thing with writing down your goals – helps you define what you are trying to achieve.
    .-= Keith Davis´s last blog ..Laugh and the world… =-.

  • Keith

    You are a very special person.
    Thank You

    I think that people always achieve their goals, but often the goals are subconscious, so they might appear as a real sabotage. Writing your thoughts on a piece of paper is like an honest conversation, brings the essential stuff out of the mist of countless thoughts and emotions. This is also why the word ” trying to achieve” is so interesting.

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