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The most Beautiful in the world: Freedom

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people want and desire freedom

emotional, financial.

however freedom is a very demanding beast… to tame it a person needs self-discipline, a sense of direction. Abundance of possibilities can dilute your attention.

Tony Robbins tells a story of a king who lived in Asia, and owned two kingdoms. One day, this king heard about a monk, who had no physical possessions but love for people and … a lamp. This lamp was not an ordinary one. It gave people the double of what they wanted.

The king wanted more kingdoms, more power, even when he was already the ruler of the land… so he told his guards to bring the monk to him. When he arrived, the king asked for the lamp. The poor monk didn’t want to give it as it was a gift from his beloved family… but he had no choice.The king grabbed the lamp, and rubbed it. And then it said:

“great king, what do you want?

-I want 100 pieces of gold.

-why only 100, if you can have 200?- said the lamp

-give me 200, give me 200, – the king screamed

-why only 200, a king so powerful as you are, should have 400, said the lamp

-I want 1000 pieces of gold, and a new kingdom- he whispered

-why just one kingdom when you can have two? the lamp questioned

It went for hours and days, the king imagined having more wealth and power, and couldn’t stop asking for it. Three days passed, and he starved to death… ”


if you don’t know where you are going, who you are, what it is that you want, freedom and abundance of opportunities will push you into the abyss of chaos, self-doubt, depression

so many people prefer to work for somebody else, because they allow others to set the direction, it limits the choices, and chaos, but also limits your possibilities to become who you really are: a creator and a master of your own destiny.

freedom means making mistakes, learning from them to make better judgments in the future. Those mistakes will show you where you are in your life, and what you want, what makes you happy.

Search for freedom…

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