If you love to fly… choose an airport that will set you free in style…

The most beautiful Airport in the world? It is your body you will say… the land that gives you all the pleasures one can imagine. It can help you fly, your passion and creativity, love, will crash and burn the walls around you.
And will make you cry out loud of joy

…or a dream, that looks just like a place in Madrid.

in Spain
Called Barajas

It is an airport, the world’s 11th busiest one. Opened in 1928, has expanded quickly, just as Spain has opened to the world. Its award winning Terminal 4 was introduced in February 2006. Designed by two architects : Richard Rogers and Antonio Lamela.

Barajas Airport

Created to ease the stress associated with flying, full of light and open space. Once you see it, you will never forget the joy of being there.

You will want to come back and fly again.  To become better, stronger, to match the beauty you see around you. It will set you free.

Barajas Airport

Barajas, holds the title of the “Best Airport” (2008, Conde Nast Traveller Reader Awards).

I am wondering, what is the airport that you love?

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many thanks for the photos to Marc P , dalbera , David Dennis

thanks, Martyna


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