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The Most Beautiful in the World: Commercial Video of the week: Olympic Games

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One of the most successful Viral Commercial Videos ever created.  It captures the spirit of the Olympic Games, shows how similar we are, no matter the area of the world we come from.The video helps the viewers link emotions of personal Victory to a product…

You may be born in the poorest country on Earth, but if you practice and never give up, you will be successful. No expensive equipment is necessary, only your emotional strength, especially in the moments of crisis.

Enjoy the video :

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“[…]Ayrton Senna
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a rare talent, and an unbelievable commitment created one of the most accomplished and talented Divers in the history… Greg Louganis. But his true purpose was brought to life when he was just a boy

The video reveals what led him to the victories and breathtaking beauty of dives.Read More

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