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Why Less is Everything

By June 3, 2012 3 Comments

There are sixteen leaves growing on the branch, and no more. This is the maximum weight it can support.  And it is enough to produce everything the plant needs. One more leaf would make it difficult for it to grow.

How many projects, ideas do you work on at the same time? Do you take more than you can handle?  Once you purge your life and concentrate on just a few of the most important tasks, they will evolve, and help you face bigger challenges in the future.

How to do it?

  • set up a goal, it helps you focus on what matters and get rid of the rest ( mentioned in the previous post, in a fascinating story of a young entrepreneur)
  • check out your inventory. See if there are things like books, clothes, food, or even habits that don’t serve you well. Then give away, remove or change them. You will not believe how good it feels to free yourself from owning beautiful things, that are no longer needed.
  • repeat it at least once every month


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