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10 Best Leadership Games. Part 2

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Q: Why should you read about the leadership games, and play them?
A: You may simply become a person of influence!

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Thinking Outside the Box

It is so easy to get into a mechanical way of thinking – from your route to work each day, to how you do your job, to your creative flow or ability to brainstorm. Leadership games help us think outside the box because they integrate both the left (logic) and right (creative) brain by incorporating both fun and problem-solving, brainstorming with others, and engaging in new tasks.

Thinking outside the box also requires that you not be afraid of failure. Successful entrepreneurs understand that we learn by making mistakes, so if we want to succeed, we must fail forward fast; in other words, to learn at a faster pace, we must make mistakes at a faster pace. Winston Churchill observed that “the sad thing about experience is that it can be wasted on a person.”


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